Monday, September 28, 2009

Scrotal Cash: the Scorch Atlas remix ebook

The results of the Scorch Atlas Remix Contest is now live and arrived, had a ton of crazy awesome shit come through, and here are the fruits of that freak labor:

a 150 pp ebook full of Scorch Atlas remixes by a crazy slew of folks, including: Brian Evenson, Matt Bell, Elizabeth Ellen, Chris Higgs (who remixed the whole book by erasure), Matthew Simmons, Marcus Whale, J.A. Tyler, Catherine Lacey, Andrew Borgstrom, John Madera, and Jon Cone.

Thanks to all of those others who entered, it was seriously hard to judge, and amazing to see the string of insane results that came through. Watching people take words and remake them and chew them up and spit up new spit up is exciting. Bird peoples. Let's make more.

Out of the all the contest entry submissions, I chose Krammer Abrahams's 'Remix' as the winner of them all: dude took the 1200ish word story and made new sentences for each sentence, then wrote paragraphs appending, a total of 10,000 words in total, each line cut from some fucked language limestone I have yet to see most anywhere at all. I seriously could not believe what I was reading, and how hard I laughed. It is better than the original, that's a promise. Take the time to lick and imbibe, free (or for a small donation to F-proof, if you dig)!

Download Scrotal Cash here.

Also please note that you can enter two win one of two free copies of Scorch Atlas in the post below this one,

and you can buy the book here.


jereme said...


Kite We Herd said...

i'm thinking you chose Scorch Atlas because it was an annagram of Scrotal Cash. That thing is hot and loaded. Any plans to make it into an actual book?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the free book. i like frees

Anonymous said...

is this really free or a radiohead type of free? either way, i'll steal it for the art. thank you for the art


scrotal cash is hot. someone should publish it as a real book. esp krammer's piece

jeremy, it is indeed free as free is

Shane Jones said...

i woke in the middle of the night and yelled REMIX!!! really loud. it was strange.

Jon Cone said...

Some incredible 'textual entanglements & intertwinings' in SCROTAL CASH. Deeply honored to be part of a project that highlights a truly awesome novel.



thanks again jon, your remix is fucking nuts

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