Thursday, September 10, 2009

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More Scorch Atlas hype

Reviewed in the Boston Phoenix by Nina Maclaughlin: "Scorch Atlas doesn't make its point with narrative arc or character development or paragraphs or even the lovely, terrible sentences. Instead, it's the heaping of words — mauled bubbled clods knotted clogged rot foam mold growth cragged bugged curdle boils lumps ooze gunk stung and on and on — that press on you, as if you were being buried, drowned, dissolved, as if you were about to swallow your tongue."

Review at Pank by Roxane Gay: "Scorch Atlas is a fine example of experiment with purpose (writers, take note!), of world building, of decadent, detailed and innovative writing. This is a book that should be read, and widely." + "...if ever there was an argument for the importance of the book as a physical object, that argument would be Scorch Atlas."

Tweeted by @LairdHunt: Just got my copy of Scorch Atlas -- nicely "destroyed" by the author. A few pieces in. Both delirious and controlled. Highly recommend.

Profiled @ Three Guys One Book

Leaving tomorrow morning for reading dates with Robert Lopez and Samuel Ligon, please come out if you are around, would be rad:

9/12: Brooklyn, NY @ Barbes @ 6 PM
9/14: Portsmouth, NH @ River Run Books @ 7 PM
9/15: South Deerfield, MA @ Schoen Books @ 8 PM
9/16: Boston, MA @ Brookline Booksmith @ 7 PM
9/17: Providence, RI @ Myopic Books @ 7 PM
9/18: Clinton, NJ @ Clinton Bookshop @ 630 PM
9/19: Baltimore, MD @ 510 Series @ 5 PM
9/20: Philly, PA @ The Dive Bar @ 8 PM



Bradley Sands said...

My brother works for the Boston Phoenix and I'm trying to get him to steal the review copy and send it to me because I do not have money. But he refuses.

He says, "how about that scene from the review about the three brothers pinning down their mother for her milk? Holy crapola!"

Didn't I work on an edit for that story before we decided to go with the Friends story? I think so. Oh, my memory.



wanna trade or something?

i think yeah you saw an early version of that story, i forgot bout dat


Bradley Sands said...

That would be sweet!

How about the new issue of Bust and maybe the next print one? Probably got a publisher for next time, so I don't have to pay for it anymore.


i am down for that. i wont have time to mail before i get back, but i will holler at you then

Bradley Sands said...

Ok, thanks. Email me your address. I don't know where that is. I'll email you mine back.

Radish King said...

I started reading Scorch Atlas this morning and have been reading it and nothing else throughout the entire day even though I have a stack of books I need to plummet through. I find Scorch Atlas works on me the way the best poems do. I have to read a few pages then stumble around my house (checking for rain and fire damage to be sure), and thinking about what I have just read.

I am gleefully pink to find such strong original stuff in amongst the mediocre pap that is shilled as writing these days.

Congratulations even though I haven't finished the book but I bet I will have before it gets dark here in Seattle tonight.



radish, those are very high compliments, thanks a lot. makes me feel really good. i appreciate it.

Scott Snyder said...

hey Blake - jus tabout to pick up Scorch Atlas. The descriptions sounds great - my own collection, Voodoo HEart, was released in 07 by Dial. Excited for you! Best of luck! S

stay in touch -

Walser and Company said...

Reading at Schoen Books could be at 8 or 7--you tell us.

BlogSloth said...

Are you still eating the book?

Shawn Abi said...

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