Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scorch Atlas eats streets today

Today is the official release date of Scorch Atlas, and no better way to kick it off than a glowing review from Time Out New York's Kimberly King Parsons, who writes: "The extreme subject matter and obsessively rendered syntax will evoke comparisons to writers like Brian Evenson and Gary Lutz, but Butler is an original force who is fearless with form."

Also glowing words from the ever awesome Matt Bell at his blog: "Butler excels at forcing the familiar through the a sieve of strange until it is stripped clean of its everyday banality, until it is once again made so fresh you can smell the decay it contains, until you can taste the despair that threatens to destroy not just his characters but also the dangerous worlds they inhabit."

Two kind and killer reviews, both for which I am quite grateful.

Things feel nice. Blessings and blessings. Graciousness from eyes.

Did I mention how amazing Sean Kilpatrick is? His novel excerpts at Spork are black fucking teeth. What the fuck.

Pleasures. Mud.


davidpeak said...

Just ordered Scorch Atlas, can't wait to read it. Like got physical hunger for it.

It's your world, B


thanks david. i hope you enjoy it.

Ken Baumann said...

Greg Santos said...

Hi Blake, ordered myself a copy of Scorch Atlas, too. Congrats! I look forward to reading it. G

Keith Montesano said...


That's incredible.


ken, u stoopid

thanks a lot greg, most appreciated

mark said...

just showed up yesterday. psyched.

in the featherproof book destruction complex, somewhere down the line, someone said: "fuck it, get the hose."


hey Mark,
i think you got one Zach took a shower with. mmm mold. hope you enjoy, thanks for doing the buy.

mark said...

rad, i'll stick it in a ziplock w/some cheap 60s paperback classics, really get some good cultures going.

lots of tattoos and bookmarks and chapbooks in the package too, very smart of fp.

Ben Brooks said...

exciting days. hope it all goes well.

Anonymous said...


Ordered before the books I actually NEED to buy for school were ordered.

Looking to get my mind fucked.


thanks michael !

Darby said...

whos publishing sucker june and when? is that known?


if i'm not mistaken it's Six Gallery Press. not sure of a date, but praying for soon, cuz i need.

Anonymous said...

I love Scorch Atlas so far. When I'm not reading it I'm taking pictures of it .
It makes me feel as if my fingers will get stained from touching it.


thanks alexia!

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