Thursday, October 8, 2009


Unsaid has a new website, with a lot of issue 4 all available online. People aren't full of shit when they say this might be the greatest issue of literary magazine of all time. I still haven't stopped reading its 500 pages, a bit every other day or so.

I have 3 pieces in the issue, one of which was part of EVER. This piece is a section from something much larger. The emdashes are fucked up online, but yeah.

A rather long and in-person interview I did with the rad Ben Spivey is up at Writers Bloc.

Dennis Cooper mentioned Scorch Atlas as a book he's recently read and loved.

The new issue of Make is out and I have a list in it, along with work by Dorothea Lasky, Stephen Elliott, Claudia Smith, Tomaž Šalamun, a lot of other good, it is beautifully designed.

Researching roleplaying games and BBSs and bikini briefs and sleep disorders and plastic money is giving me sleep problems again.

And I am actually listening to the new Pearl Jam, it's like an ass tattoo.

See you at &Now?


J. A. Tyler said...

what do you think of the pj album? I am not sure if ass tattoo is good (hidden, irrelevant) or bad (on your ass)


i'm having a strange time with it. i loved them at 14-18, then havent really listened much at all since then. most of what they put out after that seemed really contrived. i've been finding myself wanting to listen to at least parts of this one a lot for some reason. stuck in my head. it feels weird, but familiar. like an ass tattoo :)

J. A. Tyler said...

(weird, familiar) got it. I have been enjoying it. see you @ &now.

davidpeak said...

BBs? Bed bugs?

My neighborhood in nyc looks like the plague swept through it.


looking fwd to meeting you JA

david, BBS = Bulletin Board System

davidpeak said...

Sorry, misread. I have bed bugs on the brain.

Matt Bell said...

"it's like an ass tattoo."

You mean, like you wouldn't have paid for it, but since you got it for free, it's kind of cool?

Maybe that's just my ass tattoo.

Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

Wow, new Make looks fantastic.

Chicago represent.

Paul Curran said...

Is it just me or is your picture slowly engulfing the screen?

Ben Spivey said...

Thanks Blake. Interview good. Listening to the new PJ? How about the new Boostalk.