Tuesday, October 20, 2009


@Keyhole, a long interview w/ Molly Gaudry re: Harper Perennial deal, Year of the Liquidator, Scorch Atlas, etc. Thanks Molly!

The new Flaming Lips sounds like Oneida. I'm not sure yet if this is a good thing, but it seems better for them somehow.

The new Themselves has me excited, downloading now. I think I am irretrievably stuck listening to rap for the rest of my life, except in small spurts of other, as it is the only music that still innovates, while still repeating itself. In this way it is like Gordon Lish.

I am going to be lecturing on Three 6 Mafia and Gordon Lish and why Chekhov is bad advice at the New College of Florida next month.

Reread the proof of Kristina's book last night: it is fucking amazing. There is no other book that reads like this book. I can't wait to get it into people's hands. We're aiming at Halloween, but may be a couple days late due to fucking with the printers. The cover is bright red and came in burgundy. Proofs are smart.

If you are in Atlanta, Heather Christle and Chris Deweese are reading at Beep Beep on Thursday at 700. You should come. They are both hilarious and amazing. Heather's book just came out from Octopus. I am going to buy it from her there.

After &now I have decided to spend all of October and November focusing only on perfecting the novel, which is due in December or something. Editing is kind of fun and kind of gritty. Feels like the book is coming even more alive. Feels like there are still mirrors hidden in it that I have to turn around and face the other way in the paper.

Book inside a book.

I kind of want to call the novel Ever also. Can I do that? Can I just keep writing Ever for the rest of my life, over and over again?

This download needs to hurry up.

I tricked Apple into replacing the battery on my laptop after 380 cycles, 15 months later. I didn't know their coverage of the battery supposedly stops after 300 cycles. If your battery has changed at all in quality and you have Apple Care and you are nearing 300 cycles you should call and make them replace it.

There is a big difference between nice and kind. I like to think I'm kind.


Molly Gaudry said...

You are kind.

Derek said...

oh no, did Bookmobile do that to you? They did the same thing to Part of the World [the purple haze edition as Lopez likes to call it], they made good on it though. Looking forward to it regardless.

Yeah, you can call the novel Ever if you can spell it differently! Maybe we can change first Ever to everella...

Ken Baumann said...

god get me a ticket to florida please.
can you do me a favor and make sure someone tapes that lecture? i know u'll hate, just do for daddy please

or a transcribe

yeah; who's printing TV?

call it Ever and just flip the 'v'. 'NO IT'S NOT THE SAME.'

kind, mane


thanks molly

derek, no i am using a place local to me, to skip shipping. i think they have fixed the color prob.

a purple part of the world? i wannit.

ken, i dont want a tape. i will sound like a fuck, i'm sure. you know what i'm going to say anyway. ;)


Alec Niedenthal said...

i am going to tape it, mostly because the lecture will be held in my room, and blake, you will have no choice


alan said...

I'm looking forward to the Kristina Born based on what I've seen of her work elsewhere.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

a very kind man

Mike Meginnis said...

themselves = win. I want to be good enough to write while I listen to a record this good.

Jonny Ross said...

good interview with molly. i enjoyed it.

new flaming lips is weird but good. good weird. not just weird for weird sake, maybe. i don't know.

wish i could be in florida for that lecture. sounds interesting. chekhov's been given an easy ride for too long.

Brian said...

Blake, how might somebody go about looking for freelance writing? I don't know anything about anything.

Brother Derek said...

Brolo has some purple haze copies left i think, hit him up and he will deliver. oh & thx for leaving me linked up as a person, i feel honored.

Reynard said...

re: embryonic - i agree with the oneida comparison but also hear a lot of the first liars album

i guess it is a good thing but synth-punk has already made several comebacks and i don't feel like it needs another one but i guess fl sort of missed the boat before

plus they're huge so it doesn't really matter - they can do whatever they want i guess