Thursday, October 29, 2009


@Diagram, Kim Parko contributes a review of Ever b/w Shane Jones's Light Boxes, including mini-interviews with both of us, and lots of wild thought: These books are creation stories, funeral dirges, and the mystifying yawn between. Thanks Kim!

I am reading Michael Ondaatje's Divisadero right now on a whim, and man so far it is gorgeous. Huge. Hope it continues in such way. Seems like it will.

Halloween. Everybody getting boners or throwing up some. I wish I was 12 again. I wonder how my life would be different if that year I was 12 I hadn't stopped my friend and I from walking down the hill in the neighborhood down from my house, where in the light off of the tall lamp a van had parked and as we crossed some grass these two men came walking as if to cut us off, no one else anywhere around. I stopped and said we'd missed a house behind us and my friend said no we hadn't and I said yes we did I'm going back and the men were getting closer and my friend didn't get it and I grabbed his arm and we started up the hill again and the men walked faster and we ran. That night a few other kids were abducted in our area by men inside a van.

That is better than being around more dumps getting drunk.

Longest thread ever at HTML Giant is weird.

I am doing a photo shoot tomorrow for a profile in a big UK based magazine, I think I'm supposed to destroy something in the process, if I want to. I think we're going to a ghetto strip mall and an abandoned bunch of tiny buildings.

New proof of Kristina's book looks amazing and beautiful, should have them hopefully by end of next week, which is later than I'd hoped but they will be just right and magic. If you'd like to review the book or interview Kristina please drop me a line. She's funny.


BlogSloth said...

A photo shoot?


Keith Montesano said...

Yeah, seriously.

And is that Halloween story true? That's some frightening shit.

Give us all the details once the photo shoot comes to fruition.

Lily Hoang said...

you're not far into divisidero, right? thought the first half was great. the rest, don't bother. kept waiting for it to get good. it didn't happen. sorry, blake.


lily, i think i just started figuring that out. i'm about halfway right now and am already thumbing pages. sheeit. thanks for saving.

Paul said...

the thread in html giant was overwhelmingly strange.

the word "fuck" was used in ways i had never imagined.