Saturday, November 7, 2009

The softest location in the house.

Radical Chris Higgs interviewed radical Kristina Born @ The Faster Times about her forthcoming book, which I swear to shit better be in my hands from these printers on Monday and shipping out to you. Printers dumb. Anyway, yeah, next week. Last chance to preorder.

I am becoming sponge this month so far, filling in some gaps on films I'd meant to see and hadddnt

Le Cercle Rouge
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser
(finally from beginning to end)
something else I ain't remembrin

Dogs are vacuums I realized

I accidentally started writing a book about the Crips

Rereading The Age of Wire and String is making me feel like I like in an excellent palace somewhere by myself without balloons

Thinking too hard on accident about what kind of people become the people who produce the bulk of art makes my hands ache like the only part of my body not in a hot bath.

I am tired of gender and not person



I want some really good curtains to eat off of

Please stop whatever you are doing right now and go buy and read Robert Lopez's Kamby Bolongo Mean River. I'm not kidding. Whatever you are doing.


Ani Smith said...

Dude, I saw Suspiria such a long time ago. I'm obviously so much better than you.

christopher said...

i watched suspiria drunk on a floor with a bunch of other drunk people in the middle of kansas and we laughed so hard we watched it again even drunker and then i fell asleep and woke up feeling dirty and then i showered.

evelyn said...

What do you mean by "I am tired of gender and not person"?

I hope you'll say more about this.

davidpeak said...

what did you think of suspiria?


evelyn, i am working on how to write more about that. i will.

david, it was ok. some great scenes and images, creepy. i didn't love the ending, how it resolved. but those worms in the attic fucked me up, and i really liked them figuring out how to follow to the center of the house by listening to footsteps. it was fun one.

jereme said...

Le Cercle is my favorite of Melville's work.

it is slow and quiet.

i am curious to see the crip writing.

in my early years i associated with 18th street crips. they were vibrant and funny compared to most.

Anonymous said...

this is it