Monday, November 2, 2009

then i'm goin fo they sista

'The Gown From Mother's Stomach,' originally published in Ninth Letter, is running this week at HP's 52 Stories. This seems to be the most common 'favorite' of the texts in Scorch Atlas for some reason. I'm OK with that.

Halloween I saw a Black Sabbath cover band and a Misfits cover band, both did a good job, H and I dressed as pregnant Floridians and spent some like $100 on booze, I am told I did pushups on the dance floor alone, both of my knees feel fucked up.

If you want to dance let's dance.

Approved final proofs for Kristina's One Hour of Television, they should be printed up and done by the weekend, then shipping. In the meantime, K has made a video promo, it kind of freaks me out:

Next 3 people to preorder will receive a special bonus magical insert in their package.

Reading on Friday night in Athens with John Dermot Woods and Sabrina Orah Mark, if you are out there come widdit, 700 PM at CINE.

Um, this week is mine.


mugshot said...

i liked seabed the best.


hi adam, thanks for reading it

Reynard said...

trailer is sweet. also, yr novel ripped a new asshole in my forehead, so i can fart in harmony now. it's, well, it's gross. but i feel that our brains might be charging near one another back at the melon patch in the land of milk and high-fructose corn syrup.


i feel that charge. thanks reynard. gotcher chapbook in the mail yesterday, excited for it.