Tuesday, December 22, 2009


3:AM Magazine named Scorch Atlas their 2009 Novel of the Year, very thankful and honored.

Dennis Cooper included on his list of Favorites of 2009, as well as Kristina Born's and several other friends, beyond kind as always.

Robert Lopez shouted at it on The Millions, thankful to Rob.

Thankful as well to all those who've listed it and Ever on their year end lists, very kind and thankful all around.

I read 106.2 books this year, here is what they were.

Life is kind of crunchy mix of weird and nice right now, my time has been mostly spent in mind throughout this season, and the season before. It was a nice year. It went fast and mostly in rooms. Next year is the same day.

Seeing an end at least now to insomnia book, MS word stops showing the word count at 100,000, which is good, because words





magick mike said...

has the Kristina Born shipped yet? i pre-ordered it like the last day possible and it hasn't shown up yet, though admittedly i'm not no longer at my apartment until saturday.


hey mike, most of them have gone out but the later ones are still pending... got way behind, but they should be out by year's end. very very sorry for the delay..