Monday, December 7, 2009

ooooo ooo uj hh ooo ooo o

oh got a joint in the new New York Tyrant #7 i think it is the longest story I have published besides "Seabed"

it is called "Sourcebook," and is about a mother destroying her child inside their house and the sounds the child makes and what a family is is is

other in Tyrant: Alex Balk, Aaron Burch, Blake Butler, Erich Hintze, Danni Iosello, Brian Kubarycz, Christopher Kennedy, Joseph Cardinale, Jason Schwartz, Greg Mulcahy, Luca Dipierro, Rachel B. Glaser, Atticus Lish, Ken Baumann, G. David Schwartz, Peter Gajdics, Peter Markus, Shane Jones, Conor Madigan, Scott Indrisek, Harry Cheadle, Joshua Furst, Michael Kimball, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.

hey hey hey

hey hey

hey a goony goo goo


um oh i also have what they are referring to as 'fan fiction' in a fan fiction section in Opium 9, it is about Cliff Burton, it goes along with a piece by Matthew Simmons about Geezer Butler, there is some other magic in that boink

Iredell in there, Evenson, some somes and whatnot, Gabbert, Greenman, Boudinot, Rooney, Raffel, Baumbach, Young

tired o typing into machine
that is not the machine

if'n u want to
if'n u wanted
to to
if'n if'n

um let's see i had a question but now the poker is on the tv

your seriousness is very not serious today

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