Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vasopressin is a potent nonselective vasoconstrictor

Kristina Born's One Hour of Television is in the house. I've been shipping them in batches, so if it's not there yet, it will be shortly. They turned out as good as I had hoped:

You can still do an order for the preorder price for the next few days until I update it and add a dollar. So maybe consider it? Year of the Liquidator. I think it's a fine deal. The book makes me excited to think.

Also new is the inaugural issue of an online journal I've been stoked for since I heard about it, Gene Kwak's We Are Champion.

It's gots Higgs, Glaser, Svalina, Lutz, DiTrapano, Gould, Robinson, Papas, Annarummo, Harris, and I have two links bits that came from my attempt at appropriating Bernhard's The Voice Imitator.

Among those, really stoked that people will be able to read Rachel Glaser's Pee on Water online, as it is still one of my favorite stories ever.

And the DiTrapano comes from the first story in the first issue of No Colony, for which we are working hard on issue 3. It's gonna rip.

Another new online journal is Truth Sauce, who published this short thing I found I'd written on my hard drive and hidden in a series of nested folders, unless someone else wrote it and hid it there.

I like this proliferation of the online new.

Insomnia book is at 69269 words as of this minute. Today writing about dementia, Satanism, and Diane Arbus.

I have a 3,000 page book on my desk that I am reading a little.

The new Beach House album Teen Dream is the best album I've heard come out in a long while.


Stephen said...

Sorry to be a cliched indie snob, but Beach House's self-titled debut makes Teen Dream and Devotion look pretty flimsy. It just has so much more darkness and emotion to it—less about the hooks.


i didnt get into the first one when i heard it. it might be the way the vocals seem different now. i am picky about female vocals moreso than male. but i will go back and check out the first again. i don't know though, i like the poppiness of the new one.

Stephen said...

It's not bad or anything, I guess I just prefer the more organic and rougher-textured first record. I'm more into experimental music (drone, free jazz, electroacoustic, free folk, etc.), so I guess it just appealed to those proclivities.

Also, wanted to say that I received Scorch Atlas last week and am enjoying it.


i do feel you on the drone. it seems harder though to make a droney shoegaze record these days, in the face of so much great older stuff in that way like flying saucer attack and slowdive and chapterhouse, etc. not that a glossy record of that nature is any easier--that genre is probably one of the most maligned around--anyway, i'll go back to the first one and see if it doesn't hit me differently the second time around.

thanks for buying scorch, i am glad to hear you are enjoying, very kind

magick mike said...

what is the 3000 page book?

Stephen said...
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mike, it is a manual on Pharmacotherapy

stephen, that sounds good, links are great

Stephen said...

Oh, actually I won SA on htmlgiant. Remember me :)

Have you heard the new Simon Scott record, Navigare? He was the drummer for Slowdive and he just put out a solo piece on the fantastic Miasmah label, a Norwegian purveyor of avant ambient/drone/modern classical weirdness. They released the also fantastic and truly terrifying L’Autopsie Phénoménale de Dieu by Kreng earlier in the year. Both records are highly recommended. You can do some sampling here:


Lemme know if you need links.

Stephen said...

Kreng – http://rapidshare.com/files/246299590/kreng_l_autopsie_phenomenale.zip

Simon Scott – this link should work


Shane Anderson said...

and it isn't even out yet! tut tut tut...

Seriously though, it's really great. And does anyone else feel like she's channeling Tina Turner on "Real Love"?

hot hot hot

Matt DeBenedictis said...

If you want to save on postage you can take a fattened hawk born and breed in Stone Mountain and place the book in the care of his talons and send him my way.

I will then give the bird a collage I made of pictures of hair styles taken from '70s porn mags.

BlogSloth said...

I have my book and I am about to get happy like a good or evil man in suit and sandals.

BlogSloth said...

I ate nachos today.

Ben Spivey said...

I'm looking forward to reading this. I hope that I get it by next week so I can read it on the plane to Chicago.


shane, nice

matt, i must find you

sean, i hope you dig it man

sean, no you didn't, stop making up for your nacho inadequacy

ben, i must find you

Anonymous said...

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