Sunday, January 13, 2008


By far my favorite film of 2007. Maybe my favorite Lynch film period. Probably in my top ten favorite movies. I don't even know why. There's something about this that will never be answered.


Anonymous said...

i like these photos.

Josh Maday said...

good photos.

I embarked on my Lynch binge and my DVD player seized up halfway through Blue Velvet. I was and still am supremely pissed. I can't afford a new DVD player right now. So fortunatley, though, I haven't really gotten started with Lynch. I was enjoying Blue Velvet. I see now that Marilyn Manson copied Dennis Hopper with the smeared lipstick bit.

Still, I'm angry about this situation.

If anyone wants to ship me a working DVD player, email me. I will say thank you many many times. I'll send you a book in return. Maybe many books.



death-hustler said...

That's the kind of shit I'm talking about.

jereme said...

I have not seen this one.

i will try to see this one.

Only my apathy will prevent me from purposely seeking it out as a task and doing it.

I watch a Korean movie the other night that rated fairly high on my list of cool shit.

It was the closest to watching moving manga/comic book I have witnessed.

The opening scenes is already one of my favorites.

The movie is called NOWHERE TO HIDE

You should watch it if you are bored and not expecting much but also thinking it would be nice to be fortuitously surprised.


the review on amazon makes that movie sound awesome. i'll check it out.


josh: my dvd player sucks dick too.