Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pebble Lake Review & LC

The Fall/Winter 2007 issue of PEBBLE LAKE REVIEW is now out. It has work by Kim Chinquee (she and I seem to be haunting the same ships recently), Tony Triglio, Alex Lemon, Brent Goodman and many others. I have another list in it as well, this time as nonfiction. This is list #27, titled EXHAUSTED BODY LOOP.

Here are the first 14 lines:
1. I can never quite get comfortable enough in my mind or in my body.
2. The words I want won't seem to come out.
3. My lungs billowed with such error. My tongue as if spasmed, charmed, enchanted.
4. I am often compelled to do the thing that will cause most strife in any given moment because something in me keeps clicking until I let it out.
5. The same click that keeps me up all hours.
6. That wakes me before I'm rested.
7. A flying trapeze artist rarely weighs more than 150 pounds so as to not damage the catcher’s shoulders.
8. This weekend outside at 4 AM I saw myself across the street.
9. Sitting on the ill-lit stoop of a small church, back against the door, staring straight into my head.
10. We watched each other for several minutes.
11. I seemed more at peace in my other body. As if I knew more over there than where I am.
12. Turned for a moment. Took a breath. Looked back and he was gone.
13. In the strict sense a disappearance is therefore not referred to as such if the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person are known; if the body is found or if it is made plausible or known that the victim is dead.
14. 1 x a = a

To read the rest, please buy the issue.

To receive this publication, I googled 'how does blake butler publish so much crap' from my home state of Wisconsin. I did not receive an answer, but I did transmit a message to myself. Then I enjoyed an evening with my recent bride, who enjoys Jell-O, and who is learning to growl from the hole under her chin.


The next issue of Lamination Colony will include a series of pieces of 'creative criticism.' It's funny how submissions tend to coagulate in strange ways. I already have 2 pieces that are awesome and another third I'm about to accept. I'd like to see some more 'creative criticism': by this I mean the author either emulated a certain writer or responded to their work in some cool way. If you have anything like that, please send it to me. Also cool would be people mocking or emulating or parodying other writers. I can think of a lot that would be cool. You should do it. If you want to do it but can't think of anyone, please email me and I will assign you a writer to parody.


Good great grand.

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