Thursday, July 17, 2008

I fell asleep inside BACK TO THE FUTURE am I okay

1. If someone is smart they will publish SAM PINK's fragmentary prose amalgam: I AM GOING TO CLONE MYSELF AND THEN KILL THE CLONE AND EAT IT. If I had a press, which I might soon, I would give Sam Pink an eight figure advance so he could stroke his shaft with 20000 dollar bills.

Sam Pink is like Russell Edson with much bigger balls and a tendency to aim at the throat rather than the spleen.

Seriously, shit is real. This should be made flesh. Talk to him.

2. THE CUPBOARD is a revitalization of a pamphlet series releasing incisive work, the first released is by Jesse Ball, I am subscribed, it is cheap to subscribe or to at least buy the first issue by Jesse Ball, $5, go support this excellence.

3. Ross Simonini's musical project THE FAMILY DANCES made me feel glad about listening to music again, he is doing something here with this, it makes Animal Collective sound like Staind.

4. Paul Siegel has released POEMERGENCY ROOM through Otoliths books, it seems nice, I am going to touch it.

5. Jeremy James Thompson posted more about the Charles Bernstein broadside I helped annotate.

6. Saw GONZO, the Hunter Thompson documentary last night. Hunter Thompson was a real piece of shit. He didn't even write that much, he just kind of babbled, I like babble, I like FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, he could have done more with himself, he could have done more, I find it amusing that one of America's most 'famous' authors was more famous for his being a dick and doing a lot of coke etc. than he was actually saying things, he 'gave up' I think, maybe I will give up but instead of coke I will slide into throwing babies in the air and catching them and sticking my tongue far up their nostrils.

7. Daniel Bailey started a video blog where writers can do videos of themselves reading, it is here: HERE EXPLODES MY GIANT FACE.

7.5. I want to record an audio book of Roald Dahl's THE TWITS, that is going on my to-do list goddamn it.

8. RYAN CALL posted an excerpt from a conversation we had yesterday. I think Ryan Call was nicely drunk when we spoke again later in the evening, he said things more directly that he usually does, I liked it, he helped me figure out to keep the title I have for the new novella I am finishing.

The novella may be almost long enough to be a novel, it is spaced out with a lot of white space and works in graphs and lines mostly, I think I like it a lot, it is going to remain with the title HOW MANY FLOORS DOES THE NIGHTMARE HAVE? until I have that title beaten from my hand by someone.

I think I am just going to send the novella around all over the place like those Chinese restaurants that stick ads on my doorknob, that must work somehow, they probably at least get a few customers like that, I feel like I can be reckless with this thing. Right.


Adam R said...

When you said you were going to send your novella all over the place like the chinese restaurants, I thought you meant you were going to submit your ms to chinese restaurants, and I got excited.

Do your press do your press.


holy damn yes.

i will print it and walk in and hand it to them over the counter

i used to go to the mall with a friend whose favorite thing to do was take a free sample from one chinese fast food and walk with it to the next chinese fast food, and when they offered him a free sample he'd shake his head and say 'but i have one for you' and give them the other place's chicken

the looks on their faces are among my favorite things of all time


i am going to rob a liquor store so i have money for the press, then its on

one liquor store robbery = 1-2 books? totally worth it

a said...

sam pink is good

Marcos said...

Sam Pink is awesome. His mind works in a way that produces ideas more clever than what most minds can produce, I think. He said on his blog that Jaguar Uprising was going to publish some of his stuff on July 4, but I don't think they did. At least, it's not mentioned on their website.


anybody that wants to mail sam pink their girlfriend's panties or their own panties, send me your address and i will fwd it to sam pink's agent's agent

Ken Baumann said...

i am jealous of your comprehensive posts


A. Peterson said...

Thanks for linking to The Cupboard. We got them back from the printer today, and I actually just mailed your copy. Jesse's thing was rad, so all we really had to do was try not to ruin it. We, um, don't think we did. You be the judge.

Anyway, I'm a fan of your writing (and your blog) so it was cool to see you subscribe. Much appreciated.

DB said...

yes. thank you blake. people should submit to HERE EXPLODES MY GIANT FACE.

also, sam pink has a huge labia. sexy.

apants said...

huge loose labia.

How come you got to read his book and it isn't in my local bookeep's window for me to run down and buy? Who's huge loose labia did you have to suck, is what I'm asking.


adam, my pleasure i am excited to see it!

daniel & apants, all labia in existence have run through my oral carwash

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

i am jealous of your comment bulk.


comments are off the booyah chain recently, i am much grateful, i have much love to give, if you need to mail me a labia for caressing please by all means

ryan call said...


good work cupboard

sam pink is an animal

ryan call said...

i am drunk


ryan call drunk will eat you

p said...

i should buy all these journals and books but i think i would have to stop buying beer first


beer may be the key to future lit marketing, how can we meld

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

the press should also make beer.

homemade beer and books. new heavy press.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

kendra grant malone amber.

organic tao lin lager.

new heavy stout.


new heavy stout jesus christ yes

Anonymous said...

dude, are you serious about GONZO and hunter? seeing it made me realize a) i'm a lazy, piece of shit who can't even publish one book, let alone however many he published (many more than one, i know that) b) i wish i had a gun.


hi elizabeth
i think my main thing was that the way the film framed him kind of focused on things i was less interested in rather than getting to the heart of him. i thought it was kind of mediocrely done. i wanted more fear and loathing era and less politics, they spent way too long on things and not enough on others.

i also think i get bored with thompson because so much of the 2nd half of his career is so politically based and i really couldnt give a damn.

i really do wanna buy guns though. that shit is awesome.