Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My hand was bleeding and my wallet had threw up and the hefty woman told me take my time

Even if I had a videotape of the last 14 hours, no one would believe me.

I'm not going to try to explain it.

On the videotape it would probably look normal. I think my face was going eating by biggest large birds with VD teeth with melted Wendy's frosties.

According to the internet sleep deprivation mostly does not actually cause legal insanity, though it has been accepted in 2-3% of cases

I think I'm at 50 hours now

I can't find the kitten

It actually hurts thinking of these words to make them

Mostly actually goinkbarringenly I have an article in the new music issue of THE BELIEVER.

It is about the Jingle Babies.

That picture is an icon for my current life.

Matt Simmons is in there too, fuckin a, Rick Moody twice, I think Cake Baker has an article. It comes with a CD when you buy it?

Thank you Ross Simonini

KEN BAUMANN is eating through America. BRAIN

Did you hear there is a new kind of water

and soon a skyward gripping cooch arm

I can't sit up anymore right now my heart is beating too fast


Ken Baumann said...

sleep deprivation makes good blog posts



Josh Maday said...

that frightening baby head looks like the one giggling in the sun on teletubbies. that kid gets some mad gigs.

looks like a great article, blake. 50 hours without sleep tells me that you are still recovering from your research.

DB said...


when i was flying back from asia this summer i took a thai sleeping pill for the flight from bangkok to seoul.

i don't even remember being in seoul. i don't know how i got on the second airplane and off the first.

you should find some of those pills.

Keith Montesano said...

dude. book tour. with our now nonexistent books. but future. we can't take off heads if you're already underground. have someone knock you out. go to a bar and talk some shit on some frat boys or something. that shit'll work fo sho.

p said...

the savage detectives was decent. i wouldn't really recommend it all that much.


ken, sleeeepies

josh, kid is paidddd ty

daniel, do you know what they were called?


keith we will begin when the eye is squishing, which it is

peter, good job making it through, i couldnt do it, now i wonder what happened

jereme said...

wasn't there also "jingle dogs"

where tey synthesized dogs barking to chrismas music. i think so. i vaguely remember that as a child