Friday, July 25, 2008


The contents of the first issue of NO COLONY have now been finalized. We have assembled a brain eating roster of masterminds with which to degrade and uplift simultaneously.

The first issue will contain new fiction from:

Nick Antosca
Daniel Bailey
Jesse Ball
Ken Baumann
Matt Bell
Ryan Call
Jimmy Chen
Kim Chinquee
Giancarlo DiTrapano
Brian Evenson
Brandon Scott Gorrell
Jac Jemc
Shane Jones
Sean Kilpatrick
Michael Kimball
Tao Lin
Robert Lopez
Josh Maday
Miranda Mellis
Sam Pink
Matthew Simmons
Justin Taylor
J.A. Tyler
Brandi Wells
Derek White
John Dermot Woods
Mike Young

You aren't ready for this. But get ready by preordering the issue, please?: I promise it is beyond, each piece here completely shat my mind out and pleased my pudding into state of hyper-orgasmia a little, no lie.

Buying the issue helps us keep this thing on the air, as does blogging and/or telling peoples bout it. Help spread the word?

Also we are now reading for issue 2, so if you have sent work we are en route to responding and if you haven't, why the fuck not, main?

A couple of online features will probably be up in the next few weeks, but for now you can still read an excerpt from Miranda Mellis's THE SHUFFLER on the site.

More soon.


Keith Montesano said...

damn, gina. hott. two tees.

Jimmy Chen said...

i am excited about this

DB said...

shit yes. that's an awesome list.

Anonymous said...

CAN'T fucking wait!


i am excitement for excited

sam pink said...

oh man. when i read the list, my jaw dropped like in a cartoon and then my tongue flipped out and rolled onto the carpet. actually it kind of sucks because now there's a bunch of dust and shit on my tongue. fuck no colony.


there's my sam venom, thank god, i thought you grew a cooter

Brandon Hobson said...

I just ordered a copy. It looks like such a great issue. Also, I'll post the info on clusterflock, a blog that gets a lot of hits. Great job.

ryan said...

the asian britney spears

Anonymous said...

I would say some of the BEST nachos can be found at Santiago's in Denver, and also Lolita's Cantina in Vancouver, CA. I'm not shitting u, either.


brandon, very nice thank you

sean, i have aspirations now

Jason Jordan said...


Interesting that Jesse Ball's included. Did you ever read that review of "StD" (heh heh) that I posted on decomP? He probably hates me for it, if he's even read it. :p


jason, thanks man! yeah i believe i read that back when it was first posted. i dont remember seeing it as something someone could hate for? hmm, maybe i should look again ;)

Jason Jordan said...

Yeah, "hate" is too strong a word, I suppose. I think I gave it a fair shakedown, but that's subjective of course.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

no colony offered me a thousand dollars to write a story for them. i took the money, bought some coke, did it, used some of the money on champagne, which i poured over the breasts of a married woman from prague. i played poker with the rest. i got handed a couple of cowboys on the first hand, flopped another, and then hit the fourth on the river. i had been holding back, but went all in on a check raise, won the hand and walked away from the table.

and then i put my winnings into a roth ira.

when the deadline came up, i decided to just write some bullshit about watching television. took an hour or so.


re: that, matt, we are still waiting on the sliver sample of your dad's scrote owed to us as outlined in advance $$ contract, i will trust you are good for it, we have forwarded your 'quick work' to brandi wells for textual branding on her forehead.


jereme said...


wow i look at the list of writers for this thing.

and i can think of is "cutting dicks off". holy shit.

this looks epic.

i am excited. i am so excited i am going to preorder 4 copies

and give away 3

so if people cannot afford the $11 fee

this is your chance

i am going to think of something though

i want people to put forth some effort

for such a beautiful magazine

i will post it on my blog tomorrow morning.

i support blake butler

jereme said...

i just reread my comment after i posted.

i am sorry.

i have not been sleeping much.

the net result of what i said was:

"holy shit, this magazine is epic. i am going to give away 3 copies that i will preorder. check my blog tomorrow for details."

okay i think that is lucid enough.

viva la butler


i like the way u talk mhmm

for real

Josh Maday said...

gimme some a dem french fried pataters

some potted meat


jereme said...


i have blogged. long live no colony.

i am holding the credit card right now.

i feel like a good mediocre american. i am ready to spend money. i want to consume like every one else.

3 free issues of NO COLONY

i will give out


jereme dean is an example of everything we need.

jereme said...

it is no big deal.

$44 is like 2 martinis in LA


a nice dinner at dennys with a friend


maybe a cheap pair of shoes

not a big deal.


i am going to email you. i need to figure out how we can do shipping to these three kind souls who get a free issue.


someone choosing to spend money to spread words to other people instead of those martinis, though, that is a big deal, to me. so thank you. shipping will be no prob.

Ben Spivey said...

i ordered my copy. can't wait.


thanks ben, i am excited for you to see it