Thursday, October 2, 2008

i have a ceramic giraffe fellating an invisible dick on my tv stand no shit it would make a killer tattoo

god am i inside the internet
god are you inside the internet


also now No Colony's website got updated, it has info about the new issue, it has an excerpt from the issue in the form of Sean Kilpatrick's story HUBBY, which really by now I have read 8-22 times, Sean is doing new things with words

there are also two previously unpublished and really cool pieces by Corey Zeller and Patrick Leonard, I really like the pieces on the site, please continue to buy issues, we love your knee

Sean Kilpatrick and I are slowly rewriting NAKED LUNCH together, for serious, wait till you see it, Sean is my abuse brother, something is alive inside him, he is eating the toothpaste rotting in my colon

i got a review copy of Lily Hoang's forthcoming book from Fairy Tale Review Press, it is called CHANGING, i literally when i took it out of the envelope said, Fuckin wow, it is a beautiful beautiful book, the style of the interior is like a puzzle, wait till you see this thing, Lily is the shit, I will have a review and more words about the book later, but Joyelle McSweeney's blurb on the back says a lot: "This is an impossible thing, a dream object." it really is

my review of Norman Lock's ebook GRIM TALES is in the Oct issue of the Believer, I mentioned this on HTML Giant, it seems this issue is a semi-Lish themed issue, it has a Diane Williams interview by Kevin Sampsell that I am excited to read, it has pieces with Will Eno and David Ohle, some other

you can read my whole review online the Believer site

a corresponding interview I did with Mr. Lock will be on Hobart before year's end, Norman Lock talks about his work with a pointed intelligence he is a wise man, and wow.

Derek sent me a potential cover for EVER, I cried a little, Derek is too good for me to say anything else

according to a mention in this piece on Michael Kimball's amazing DEAR EVERYBODY, i am a powerhouse international literary agent who represents Nobel winners, that is good to learn, i am not seeking unsolicited submissions because I am sort of a cunt, also Michael Kimball is Das Kapital, what more could I need

the current background on my laptop is a house on fire from a Tarkovsky film, before that it was a photo of a Chihuahua standing on hamburgers, i miss my dog, i want to be my dog and/or this dog


Ken Baumann said...

really good picture, maybe best ever


it expresses solitude in my inner inners

Scott Garson said...

when are you going to have another big comments party? when's the next time your parents are going to be out of town?

Kendra Grant Malone said...

oh mi gaw. that dog is such a Buddhist.


its hard to rally behind babble


yes the dog is beaut

Emerick Pond said...

Hello Blake Butler,

Maybe you will like this one, too.

Emerick Pond said...

Hmm, why didn't that work? I'll try breaking up the link into small parts this time:


damn thats cute

when i got my dog she could stand in my palm and when she fell off my shoe she cried

Emerick Pond said...

Dear Blake Butler,

I wrote a nice long letter to you on my blog today, Blake Butler. Did you see it, Blake Butler?

I am Blake Butler!

Leave me alone, Blake Butler, for the love of god (Blake Butler said).

Okay, Blake Butler.

Blake Butler.


oh no am i insane

Keith Montesano said...

From THE SACRIFICE? Holy shit that movie's amazing. I need to watch it again.

All those spaces between your blog posts kind of make me dizzy and want to throw up in a good way.

christopher higgs said...

Not only are you a powerhouse agent, but you also handle the estate of Dylan Thomas?



its true man, i kick ass often, and in private

jereme said...

i miss all of my dogs

i have not missed dead family much

DOGZPLOT said...

laura ellen scott has a pic on her blog of this oversized chihuahua devouring a watermelon and its pretty bad ass. i dont have a link though. sorry.

blake: thanks for shouting CLONE on html

Michael Kimball said...

I can't believe you're getting 15% for that.

ryan call said...

hilarious article

Brandon said...

that picture sums up a lot of things about life at the moment. i think obama and mccain should use it for camapign banners. perhaps wall street should adopt it too.

its so absurd it just seems right.


barry, yessa

brandon, i agree

p said...

hey blake where should I send that book thing I have? I'm at maybe you know that. I don't have it on any computers yet anyhow.

Anonymous said...

That doggie is after my heart!

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