Monday, March 23, 2009


Found this on my parents' fridge the other day:

Not sure what my sister and I are praying to, or what the pink bunny did to deserve to be sacrificed, but at least we let him dress up nice for the invocation.

One of the witnesses aligned on the left side of the shot is the baby doll I insisted on having for years.

Special evil children.

Haven't written, ran, or drank coffee in almost a week now. I am beginning to feel myself sink into glurr room.

Other things are happening inside me, I feel the synthesis of these three clips:

Something just exploded in the shed.

Can I get a job burning shit for a living?

Let's stop talking about the making of the words, please?

"I'll stop if you will."



The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

it will be okay.

you will be okay.

J. A. Tyler said...

those clips are insane. nice.

Steven Trull said...

Finally, some REAL ARTISTS! And, of course, ONLY you would reference them. That's why I love you. That's why you are special to me!

(Just bought your book, very excited.)


thanks steven for buying, i hope you like it...

real real artists

Ken Baumann said...

Can I get a job burning shit for a living?
- Blake Butler

And, seriously: "I'll stop if you will."

Adam R said...

Why do you say that's Crispin Glover when it's clearly Miranda July?


ken is light

adam, no way bro, she's got way smaller titties

jereme said...

one of the guys from the cigar lounge was in river's edge. he is the little asshole kid with the nunchuckas.

he's the same guy who grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall a few months ago.

he doesn't like it when you call him luzo.

gg fucking allin. it is a shame he didn't commit suicide when he was still bright and interesting. his last interview is just sad.

manson, gg and glover are all 'characters'.

people love characters at proxy.

they are almost always insta-branded as assholes once closeness is achieved.

fucking characters.

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

Re photo, I'm pretty sure my noise band opened for you guys at some point.

DB said...

that picture is great. satanist kiddies yeah.

Molly Gaudry said...

I love that pic of you and your sister and the bunny and the doll.

I wish we could have played together when we were kids, Blake.

I wish we could have played with Shane and Adam, too.

I bet, if we had played together, Shane would have gone into a corner to be by himself and imagine lovely, sad things; I would have watched him go and cried; Adam would have told me to stop crying and hit me in the face with a shovel; and then you would have cried (sympathy tears, of course), before screaming and stealing Adam's shovel and then the two of you would have chased each other in bigger and bigger circles.

The playdate would have ended with you burning something and being dragged away by your mother, Adam being forced to apologize to me before being dragged away by his mother, me being dragged away by my mother (then going immediately to the dentist), and Shane, still in the corner, traumatized for life.

I really didn't mean for this to be so long.

sam pink said...

dude have you ever heard of EXTREME ELVIS?


no sam what dat

sam pink said...

he's like gg allin's pupil. i don't know if he has anything on the internet anymore. i think the fbi shut him down. he's this big fat bald guy who dresses up like elvis and sings elvis songs at punk shows. usually he gets naked. he has the smallest dick in existence. one time i saw him take out a jar of used condoms and squeeze them out into his mouth. you know, then he usually pisses on people or whatever. have a nice day blake.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

shit camp.

Ben Spivey said...

i watched the G.G. Allin documentary 'Hated' a few months ago... epic

Anonymous said...

nice pic. I wish I had a sister.

I can give you a job burning shit, call me.

I had a job once where I'd spend hours ripping covers of books and throwing them in the trash.

Bradley Sands said...

No one does WHAT?