Tuesday, March 17, 2009


haven't been sick in a while i think but i am now
the new pitchfork site is taking a good regular crap on my eyes
jay leno just said 'barack obama' and then horns made sound
i appreciate people saying nice words about the copy family
i just found a word i left out in it, can you find it, is that a problem
i am tired
i just filled out a bio for an interview that asked me to say what i do in atlanta and i said the first thing that i thought which was i am tired
i am playing poker a lot again now on the internet
i am doing well for now
i hope me saying i am doing well does not affect me negatively
jay leno just made a joke about someone having to have been drunk to eat their friend
it made me feel more tired
i am sick
jay leno just made a joke about paris hilton
and then about president bush
and people clapped
what is saint patrick's day where did it come from
i accidentally had on a green shirt today
i started reading dennis cooper
in the bath
i like limping with suited connectors in early position and reraising when people raise, it works a lot
i don't really do that that often really
but it would be good to do more often maybe
a lot of time when i am playing poker i know that if i did a certain thing i would win by bluffing but usually i do not let my impulse take full hold
if i had more money i could be a better player
i wish i could find the videos of bill hicks talking shit about jay leno as a comedian about how he started off real and went to water
but i don't feel like looking on youtube
i used to have a lot of things to blog about but now i don't know
the woman on TV on jay leno is rearranging letters into something
what else is going to happen
my legs ache like something is eating at them
i ate cheesecake twice today it made me feel good
now there are guys on jay leno balancing green beer on their faces
several people get paid to write down these ideas
i would like to join the team
today someone googled 'a girl putting a lock into her vegina vedio'
i want to say 'sorry' all the time to people
i am doing well inside my mind



the answer on 'who wants to be a millionaire' was just 'tupac shakur'

alle santiago said...

i accidentally had a green shirt on too, which really took the oomph out of my judgmental internal monologue today


i kind of looked at it in horror for a second, is that what you did?

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Jay Leno makes quips not jokes. Sorry your sick Blake. I just realized I never got a copy of No Colony #2. I bought one and my life is empty.


hi matt, you are right. and sorry about the order, i kept expecting to see you around and havent, i think ken packed all outstanding orders today. i will make sure of it. my apologies for that. hope to see you soon.

alle santiago said...

yeah i realized it when i was on the train sitting across from three bedazzled celtics hoodies.

my friend told me the other day that when he was in high school he was in a christian band for a year without realizing it. for some reason that seems relevant.


in the name of further extrapolation, that comment made me want to watch the 'studio' scenes in Boogie Nights

maybe i will have a christian band play at my next birthday, just for me

Jonny Ross said...


hope you're feeling better

look forward to getting those no colony's when they get here

Molly Gaudry said...

Hope you feel better soon, Blake. But, really, I'm here to leave the comment that you keep some crazy freaking company over at 52. Good Lawd! Chicky soup now, and lots of vitamin C, y'ar?

alle santiago said...

and when you can't help feeling like even though it is your birthday the focus of their songs lies elsewhere... you should throw a temper tantrum and kick all of your presents

matthew savoca said...

did you see mike topp's little story in the new elimae?

he references twin peaks... has anybody else caught this?

that man is fantastic


oh god thank you jonny for the link. that clip was even better than i remember. fuck.


going to look at mike topp story now

birthday life

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Blake, yeah I've been hoping to see you around. I just wanted to make sure my book didn't get lost in the rush. No worries.

jereme said...

limping in early position implies you have AA and are setting a trap.

don't do it too often though against good players.

you will get called down eventually.


jereme said...

or maybe i should say don't do it too often against bad players.

they call anything.

Josh Maday said...

congrats on getting Copy Family in 52 stories. WHERE AM I is still one of my favorite novels ever, especially the copy family section. can't believe you wrote that in ten days. some of copy family is going to end up spliced into the mash up section of my novella. nice work, bro. get well.


thanks josh, you are a kind man, i am really excited your novel(la). i need.