Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White House

Sitting at an airport in Boston waiting to go home, have 2 hours until takeoff, there is some kid sitting across from me playing with an enormous Rubik's cube that lights up and squawks in this robot woman voice and counts and says incomprehensible shit, with his other hand he has a yo yo that he has let fly off his hand twice under my seat, sometimes he puts it down and swings this enormous stuffed bear around and shit, his lisp is killer, his brother just I think tattled on him because he was trying to get him to take a picture of his dick.

People have children everyday.

The parents of these two are dope, one is a dude who calls the kids 'dude' and has on a Godsmack tee shirt and is eating from under his nails and looks sort of like Henry Rollins but not well spoken.

If it were not for this $7.95 internet connection I would was would going to have to kill to kill a person, etc.

My last 5 days have been very long and very fun and very composed of things in thinging, I have thanks to Justin, Mike, Claire and Jeff who housed and transported me, and many others, I wish I could think better.

If this kid hits my laptop with his yo yo or his bear I am going to take his mother by the very large hunk of hair she has whooped up in a lock over her forehead, you will know that this has happened if this post ends somewhat abruptly, or maybe I will come back.

While I was in NY I read for Luca Dipierro and Michael Kimball's new 60 WRITERS 60 PLACES series, which is seeming amazing, Time Out NY wrote it up, here is a trailer:

Justin read in a pastry shop, it was fun. Justin also posted pictures from Thursday night here.

There were lots of readings.

Reading with Gary Lutz and Robert Lopez, Gary was very kind and quiet but funny when he talked, he had a turtle neck and stood up when he shook my hand, I wish Derek and Jess would return to America and live down the street, they are too good.

William Walsh is a very kind and quiet man, the Keyhole release was very nice, if already in my daze mind, I get tired in like 3 days of movement now, it is easy to feel erasers.

Here is another video from when I was in Balitmore, Adam is reading a very excellent drunken poem, which I defeat in power competition, this is before or after I poured water on him?, there was magic, Michael Kimball's filming and editing makes me peas and carrots in my hair:

In Amherst Mike Young did intros for people with a xylophone, it was in the fun room, I read from the gross book Sean and I are almost finished with, we read in a public deli and so it was rather awkward I think, * I pushed ahead * I said the naughties into the room and at first people were laughing a lot and by the end it was dead quiet, I think they started getting quiet during the part where the father is building the replica of the Holocaust in candy, all the readers were really good.

Bradley Sands is one of my favorite new people to listen to talk, I like the way he talks. Rachel Glaser is a good listener and funny, things are made of $$$$ in air

TTB and Mike Bushnell came through for a couple, Mike gave me a psychedelic portrait of Jesus, they disappeared quick.

Brian Foley is really funny and fun

I can't think anymore, i like all of all of so many people, I bought a ton a books n stuff, n stuff


The kid is asking his mother about her blood, while rolling around in the floor with chocolate milk, 'how many windpipes do you have?': I am going to ask this kid to cowrite a book with me soon, I wonder if he has gmail.

Sorry, thanks to everyone who came out to things and talked about things to me and helped me, thanks to the kind nice peoples and to the mean peoples too, if there were some, I didn't find them.


Ken Baumann said...

drunk poet children first-rate entertainment

fo real do

Conor Robin Madigan said...

You scared the crap out of that woman on the train--

brilliantly read.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

That old lady on the video has seen this before. She is studying you, wondering about the camera. She's fucking lived and you can feel it in the way her chin drops. I want to see this film.

Bradley Sands said...

Wiggle like a fucking eel.

DB said...

that second video just made my night.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about down the street, but maybe a trainride away soon...

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq said...

TTB vanishes into the mystic.

claire said...

that video is awesome, Blake--

hope the plane ride was safe & that today is relaxing! :)

Sabra Embury said...

It was nice to meet you, Blake, and then waking up drunk the next day and going to work still drunk after meeting you.


i like that old lady like i like a liking


hi claire, i did make it, thank you for everything. you and jeff are the best.


hi sabra, i hope you made it through the day ok, i didnt see you disappear that night!

BlogSloth said...

The Adam shit is classic.

p said...

kids are fucked up

Kathryn said...

that trailer is super awesome.

i wish you would blog from airports more often, you are good at it.


hi kathy: airport tour of the world