Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Each eye reproduced the entire animal."

My contribution the John Madera's amazing novella list project is here. What an awesome compendium. Flattered to have EVER mentioned severally. Large props to John for compiling such an amazing compendium. My to-buy list just died and rose again.

Someone has been shitting in my mouth. The consistency of peanut butter with the flavor of many many incubation years.

In January, Wigleaf posted a piece by me that was three pieces rotating in an out at random, so that when you went it was changing. Now all three have been archived.




Reading them in order makes something. Reading them out of order makes something.

Thanks to Scott Garson for asking me to do this weird rotational series, it was fun.

These are sort of part of a sort of collection of texts mostly in ruined speaking manners that I am sort of semi compiling slowly, I don't know how much there is yet. The collection contains also my favorite thing I've ever written, a story called 'Sourcebook' about a mother destroying her child. I have only sent it one place, which accepts only nonsimultaneous, but when that is over, I will do something else.

I used to look at Duotrope three times a day at least.

What is Duotrope.

HUGE HUGE MASSIVE CONGRATS to my brother Keith Montesano, whose poetry collection 'Ghost Lights' has just been accepted for publication. I knew that 09 would be his year, having read GHOST LIGHTS in the dark in one sitting having my brain taken off in bits like bullets eating flesh. More info is to come on this soon, but fuck, I couldn't be more thrilled for a good friend getting an amazing book picked up. It could not be more deserved.

Get ready for this one to hit you in the gullet.

Seems like things have been moving lately. New books being woken, things thrown, eating, eating, numbers.

Sam Pink's book of plays is going to melt us.

Shane Jones's thingses coming will mmmmmmmm.

I am trying to stay pleasant in my mind and in my muck but too often shit eats shit and you are shit.

Got a little drunk on Friday and turned into mean man or something. Bitched at people for saying 'poet,' and for over-generalizing a sparse commodity. But things should be mean and said as said is, maybe. I should only speak asleep. All these people and stuff. Word mongers.

One thing to remember: You are no more special for putting your pen to paper than anyone with lungs.

Fucking "for real."

Eat money like money.


Keith Montesano said...

Thanks for the shout out my man. It's much appreciated.

We'll have to do a reading, at least, early on in the process, once my book's out (probably months after yours).

It's been a pretty exciting month for me...

Now to continue with book number two.

Jamie Iredell said...

You weren't any drunker than me. Fuck, I feel like I was the mean one.

jereme said...

4 real


jamie: ha, your dog diatribe was messed up. i was laughing. we were both pretty goinkers.

John Madera said...

Thanks Blake!

Unknown said...

You really outdid yourself this time what with the novellas and all.

Senor Esposito's was excellent, too, if a bit too short.


thank you john

hi michael, i like i think everyone named michael

Michael said...

Thanks -- in that case, you like one third of all the males in California. We're like Mohammads in Arabie up in here.