Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Ghetto yellow with broke blue writin'"

Some things that influenced my mind today:

- the dog barking every few minutes outside my window at nothing, staring ferociously at nothing, ignoring me when i yell at it to be quiet, staring at nothing

- this article about a Japanese man who cannibalized a woman and was released on claims of legal insanity, and who now makes a living writing about cannibalism. The articles includes these quotes:

"Almost every night I would bring a prostitute home and then try to shoot them from behind while they washed their vaginas at the bidet."

"Can you please call for people who would willingly be eaten by me in your magazine? There’s one condition, though: They have to be young, beautiful women."

- Reading 2 chapters of Barry Hannah's 'Geronimo Rex' in the bathtub, freshly cleaned, while listening to my stomach make ooh-ooh noises about bran, having eaten too many bran cookies until my stomach was grinding itself while I typed and drank fucked coffee plus exploder thinking of new ways to laugh

- Realizing how important the word 'hello' is to me

- This video of the oldest metal head alive:

- Listening to the new DOOM album 'Born like this' (crazy beats, deconstructed, flavor) and the new Black Dice 'Repo' (which actually has a lot of fucked vocals, collagisms more so than usually, and fun of sound)

- Receiving 'The PASSION According to G.H.' by Clarice Lispector in the mail, on rec. from Evan Lavender-Smith in its similarities to EVER, reading the first graph three or four times straight with the dog still barking, ready to read and eat it with life inside me fully

Other things: if you will be in Atlanta on April 18, the next edition of the Solar Anus reading series is a true masterfuck: a night of Action Books featuring readings by Lara Glenum and Sandy Florian, and the locally majestic Mark Leider in the house. I believe again will be featured at the Beep Beep Gallery around 7 PM, so please mark it with an A on your calendar, this one I am mega throttled for.

If you have not yet checked out the two newest releases in Publishing Genius's THIS PDF Chapbook series, you must, they are two of the finest that have arrived.




Last night I ran 4.82 miles watching the shittiest NCAA game I've ever seen.

Today I ran 3.4 miles watching a shitty episode of King of the Hill mixed with the Cosby Show.

I just can't help it: I can't take Toni Morrison seriously, and it ain't cuz she's black, cuz.

People love to pull that easy punk trigger. If more people read Zizek's 'Violence' and understood half of it, this world would be slightly nearer to a slice of pie.

Dang I want a 'dinner plate sized doughnut' (shoutout to Oisin Curran's 'Mopus').

Sigh. Whiteboys.


Unknown said...

William Faulkner is the greatest African-American writer.

christopher higgs said...

Thanks for the shout out, Blake.

Amen to more people reading Zizek!

And while it's not hip hop, I've been posting some music you might dig - most is pleasant creepy - my favorite right now is the Pierre Yves Macé. It is the kind of "music" that fornicates your ears with muddy dandelions and jackhammer kaleidoscopes.

I need to get the new DOOM.

Adam R said...

Do you like black people better or Mexicans?


faulkner had a beadhead

chris, yes i have been tracking yo picks. a good array, and will d/l that Mace, sounds interesting.

adam, i like money

Jamie Iredell said...

Yo, thanks for saying stuff about stuff. You know, I couldn't agree with you more on Morrison. Song of Solomon was alright. But it's hard to take anyone seriously who takes themselves so seriously. Dude, can I borrow like $24, so I can buy books?

jereme said...

how the fuck is that guy's name pedro in the video?

am i the only one who thought that was odd?


kick'n dicks in

Anonymous said...

I like Morrison. A lot. She weaves good stories out of meticulously conceived sentences. There's a scene in "Beloved" in a tool shed that you would love, Blake. She's a freak. Really.

She does not take herself too seriously. She takes her subject matter seriously, and her sentences and her characters. This is not a crime. This is a good thing.

That Japanese cannibal is someone who takes himself too seriously.

Laura Carter said...

See you at the reading!