Monday, May 4, 2009


My review of Jesse Ball's THE WAY THROUGH DOORS is in the new issue of The Believer, you can read the first few sentences on their site. I gave it the highest praise I could muster.

Also, an interview I did with Norman Lock back when I was writing my Believer review of his Grim Tales is up in this month's web edition of Hobart, along with fine fiction by Scott Garson, some dude named Sean Lovelace, and many others. Nice'ns.

If you have been kind enough to link me, and have a second, any updates of my link from the old url ( to the new one ( would be helpful, as it will facilitate the switch in search engines and shit. The old links will still work but, internet or something. RSS feed should continue to work as before also. Sorry.

I drank so much coffee that I feel like shit, and like excited, like 'excited shit,' which is causing me to have churning feelings of extreme hopelessness and boredom mixed with extreme possibility and ideas.

What am I talking about


qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq said...

Let it be known.

That I am coming for you Blake.

And not lightly.


...said the man who responded to my telephonic challenge only weeks later, saying 'i didnt see my phone'

bring yo game

cuz it is a game

qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq said...

my game?
you want me to bring my game?

you are saying
all the wrong things.

you called a phone that was broken talked big into a message machine.

wow. amazing.
and you imply that i am the coward?

this has only just begun.

sam pink said...

i finished reading RICKY'S ANUS today. if you print them up i will buy one. some kids just kicked down a generator outside my window. they laughed. i miss them already. i'm in a good mood. but maybe it feels too manic, or fake. i keep entertaining the idea of living in the woods. how long would it take me to die? would i even die? the future holds many mysteries. it'd be cool if in just one of osama bin laden's tapes he was reading CLONE. anyway, i can't sleep.