Friday, May 1, 2009

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Shane Jones and I had a conversation about small press publishing, internet writing, cats n shit that is now up at Powell's. Thanks to Shane and Kevin Sampsell. Words.

Thanks to people who have bought EVER and are buying it. The next three people who fwd me a receipt for it from a time after this posting, I will send supplementary books for free, things you would actually probably want. Added value of maybe $25 or therein.

My CD player finally crapped out in my car. Discs get stuck in and won't go in or out. Need to buy one, but have been subjecting myself to radio for a week or so now. A braineater, of course, mostly except today I heard a song off the new Bill Callahan record that totally made sense, and made me feel okay about the whole no CD experience. I could really use a new musical presence to become obsessed with. It's been a long while. Shit gets old so fast it seems.

I never really 'got' Bill Callahan or Smog until that song. Now hungry for listening to the records in full. Meaning I have to buy a CD player soon. While I'm at it, I think I'm going to hook up my 2x10 subwoofers in the trunk n whatnot. Real shit.

HTMLGiant now has a 'book trade forum,' where I and others have/will list their wants/haves and trades can occur. Please peruse/use: LINK

Finished what is very close to a 'submittable' draft for a new self-contained story yesterday, the first in probably 4-5 months. It turned out being a little longer than I'd intended, 4k words or so, but I'm really happy with it. It felt good to write something smaller like that again. I hadn't been able to in a while. Though of course I have no idea what to do with it now besides see the name of it on my desktop sometimes.

Revising is funny, used to be that things would always get shorter in revision, though now my texts seem to fatten, finding crevices in the sentences to keep expanding, graphs to insert between graphs. I like the 'do the sentence right the first time' method, and have gotten what I think is pretty good at it, but the revisions are nice for fine tweaking and find those holes.


Think I am going to keep writing Lynch essays. One coming soon for a sexy website about Lynch's female bodies.

Speaking of Lynch: Interview Project

Things feel fun maybe.


Bryan Coffelt said...

I have been enjoying these albums:

POST-NOTHING - Japandroids
JEWELERY - Micachu & The Shapes
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. - Mika Miko

I have become obsessed with noise pop/art punk shit lately. No Age, etc. Super dissonant shit that kind of grates on my nerves but also has a pulse.


i will check those out bryan, thanks. i like noise pop stuff a good amount of the time. tho no age pisses me off.

tried to listen to the link you twittered at me but it wouldnt let me...


the rob roy is pretty tight

Jon Cone said...

Blake, you probably know this: David Lynch is on twitter. (Maybe it's a personal assistant, but the voice is weirdly convincing.) His posts are usually weather reports from LA or anonymous travel updates -- 'In Moscow. Tomorrow Paris', that sort of thing.

All cylinders are go!


yah, we friendses on the twitter, his updates are mostly ... ... ...