Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Cooch

Reread most of Thomas Bernhard's 'The Voice Imitator' yesterday afternoon, high on nachos and a smoothie. Made my brain come up a little bit. The subtle is so underrated. Time to spend some time therein.

Got my 2x10's subs wakin' me up while I drive now. Realizing though that subwoofers aren't as fun now as they were when I was 16. Maybe that was obvious. Regardless, that Pimp C hits real hard.

Last night someone told me about DMT. I have never really done much chemical, actually none, outside alcohol and caffeine. I think if I were doing to try a drug in a realistic sense it would probably be that. Not that I'm going to, just saying. That almost makes sense, even though it doesn't. Doesn't at all.

Slowly reading TYRANT 6, dang, every piece has been so strong so far. Requires slow imbibing for maximal pleasure. Darryl Scroggins I enjoy.

My porn traffic has been, I think, reduced a bit in the switch from the blogspot URL to the .com, wondering if this will be fixed as the transition continues, or if I have lopped off that section of incoming.

I'm on twitter, you can follow me on twitter.

I feel kind of distracted and kind of like I don't care to not be distracted anyway, so that is a move in the right direction maybe, or the wrong direction, depending on what is supposed to be what. Sorry.

I found this picture in the street down from my parents' house almost 10 years ago:

In the street. Out in the street.

Several people have sent me Lynch mashups, I think this might be the best one still:

list of top 5, thanks Michael Mussman.

Just got Nicholson Baker's 'Human Smoke' in the mail, kind of excited about starting it, it's been too long since a dose of Baker. Also anxiously awaiting copy of Kevin Wilson's 'Tunneling to the Center of the Earth,' which I just finally ordered, and am really ready for.

OK Mom time


Crispin Best said...

voice imitator is special

Crispin Best said...

i want to type 'also daniil kharms'

Jon Cone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon Cone said...

Sorry about that. I made a bad grammatical that was too dumb to let stand.

What I wanted to say was:

'Human Smoke', once entered into, is impossible to put down, though it is history and not fiction.

That's all.


crispin, kharms rules yes, rules.

jon, i am glad you corrected, i was briefly bummed when you said it was impossible 'not to put down,' though now via your correction i am again stoked to enter.

Unknown said...

Sweet, someone listened.

N A said...

I liked Human Smoke. It's really... dedicated to its format.


very dedicated. its making me addicted

Adam R said...

Well you are the best youtube video poster ever be engaged

jereme said...

Terence McKenna wrote about DMT. I thought his writing was interesting (from what i remember).

Curious why you would pick DMT over other hallucinogens?

Lots of users speak of seeing an alien presence when tripping. I've never done.

BlogSloth said...

Oh I've never "done" DMT either, except for the 16 times I have really "never" done DMT. Like severe weather, it is over-hyped but might once in a while kill you.

Seriously, have a spotter. You seem to have a million pals, so come on. Have one stay up and spot u.

BTW, what do you know about nachos?? Jesus. Are u kidding? Do NOT blog about nachos please. It is embarrassing. As much as I hate to meet in a battle in Texas (I detest the state) I will. But are u going to Denver AWP? I have readings and forums and the usual Beatles fame (cough cough) so I will be there. That's nacho country, fool.



i heard dmt only lasts 5 minutes or so. that seems better. i still am not that interested. but sounds more reasonable or something. drugs are stupid.

sean, we will meet in the nacho battlefield in denver. i will throw you to the field and make you swear the food off for life.

John Dermot Woods said...

I've been rewriting The Voice Imitator for the past three months - through the medium of Baltimore (a remembered construct of Baltimore, at least). I carry that skinny little book with me everywhere I go. It's a pretty amazing experience to get inside of Bernhard's movements in that one. It's like he twitches a finger and changes the world. Or he twitches a finger and simply moves a few hairs, and that in itself is remarkable.

sam pink said...

dude, i second sean's "sitter" suggestion.

jereme said...

dmt duration differs depending on how it is introduced into the body.

don't be a pussy. fully explore if you are going to explore.

you are right about drugs. they are stupid.

now stop drinking coffee and eating sugar.

let me know how kicking those drugs fares.


john, yeah, it's an addictive process there, and fun, interested to see your reworkings

jereme, oh, now

jereme said...


you know you are my bro but come the fuck on. i know you aren't telling me that coffee and sugar are NOT drugs?

abruptly stop consuming all sugar. let's see how your mood changes. let's see how you crash after a big sugar consumption.

same with coffee. both fuck with your insulin levels.

they are a god damn drug.

does it make you rip your pants off and try to fuck the watermelon pussy in your mom's picture frame? no.

still a drug.

my addiction came from a guy in a white coat who had lots of university degrees.

a drug is a drug. it becomes dangerous when you start to make distinctions.

jereme said...

hahaha you got me riled up.

that rarely happens.




sure, sure, you can call them drugs.

like food is a drug, it changes your body.

the impacts are quite different i think, obviously.

pissing you off is funny

jereme said...

hahaha i wouldn't say i am pissed. pissed is something else. i don't think you'll ever get it out of me because i am black or white and you are on the white list.

but anyways...

food is natural. food is a need.

sugar is not natural unless you happen to be eating some cane. this country was built on corn syrup. completely unnatural.

a manufactured drug.

same with coffee. i mean if you want to go eat some fucking beans i'm all for it.

i should say caffeine i guess not coffee. coffee is one of many modes to get the drug of caffeine into your system. some like the energy drinks. some like the coffee.

drug is a drug.

now let's go look at some titties.