Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eating Scorch Atlas, page 2

Blake Butler eats Page 2 of Scorch Atlas from blake butler on Vimeo.

Mike Meginnis dissects EVER, including two video posts of the reading I did for the NYC launch with Gary Lutz and Robert Lopez. Feels weird to watch one's self read.

An excerpt: "There is nothing floating about these sentences. Again: They are fundamental. Your fundament is your asshole, where shit comes from. There is shit in this book, and come, and blood, and mold, menstruation, mucus, fat curtains. I resist intimations of transcendence. Some might call these sentences musical. But not everything pleasure is music (though most of it is) and we should demand recognition of this. There is pleasure in the sentence, in these sentences."

Just got my order from the ridiculously awesome Dalkey Archive sale, 10 of any of their titles for $65 shipping included, going to go stare at some now.


Ken Baumann said...

yumm/get it

grow a beard

Keith Montesano said...


Been out for like 3 weeks.

Will contact soon.

christopher higgs said...

Which Dalkey books you get? I'm still finalizing my list before ordering and could use a recommendation or two.


ken, beards r weird

keith, seriously wtf city man

chris, i just posted a pic of what i got on the giant, you should post your list over there

you must get europeana if you don't have it

Mike Meginnis said...

Thanks for the link -- wasn't really asking for one (it's embarrassing to gush) but I appreciate it.

christopher higgs said...

Just saw it! Cool, thanks. Europeana is one of the ones on my list.

BlogSloth said...

The eating thing a bit gimmicky? But at least you have a precedent. Please tell me this is based on Chaplin eating a shoe, BEFORE photoShop.


Do NOT stop TABATA. I know you think it also a gimmick. Don't stop. I'm not. I want to see if it helps me in marathon. Tabata Protocol seems so weird, but let's try it, no?


Where can I buy Atlas eaten? Will you vomit and put it on Ebay, Tao, I mean Blake?



fuckin writers

Anonymous said...

now i'm wondering if you can fit that whole book up your ass.

Rose Hunter said...

I'm way late on the scene but I just watched this & I think it's great. Made me laugh. Thanks!


anon, the book fits well in my ass, that's where most of it came from.

rose, hi! thank you. :)