Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kristina Born's One Hour of Television

Year of the Liquidator, the press Shane Jones and I started earlier this year, will release its first title, Kristina Born's One Hour of Television, on Halloween.

Designed to run as a series, the books, as we hopefully put out more, will form a continuum of design and style, like a little freakhouse on your nightstand.

People have already said nice things:

To read One Hour of Television is to flip channels between a 50’s science film on the joys of nuclear prowess and a heist-driven road movie set in a late-imperialist apocalypse. In Born’s hands, all social code is a recipe for deadpan horror. Strained domestic tableaus are intimately wedded to carpet bombings and crowd control, and our best chances at intimacy arrive via gruesome medical emergencies. This book is in revolt against language as an anesthesia machine. It's in revolt against an empire in which any vote you cast necessarily ends up as a vote for genocide.
- Lara Glenum, author of Maximum Gaga

One Hour of Television's recurring headwounds make an apt symbol for the work as a whole; urgent and insistent, the oozing gauze on an otherwise lovely skull. Would that all flash fiction be this deadly.
- Amelia Gray, author of AM/PM

You can read an excerpt and preorder One Hour of Television now for $10.



Keith Montesano said...

You know I ordered that shit.

I'm excited.

Jamie Iredell said...

Ya, dude, been meaning to get that. Thanks 4 reminder . . . it's in the hopper


thanks homeboyses

BlogSloth said...

Bought it today.

Anonymous said...

OH when do we get this beaut?

Ryan Downey said...

i just bought this on my fiancee's paypal. lookin forward to it! i got new work and now i got money to roll in books maybe.

anonymous said...

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