Friday, December 11, 2009

"I'm laughing!"

Tim Horvath writes an extremely generous and wonderful review of Scorch Atlas for Identity Theory, I mean the whole damn thing is worth excerpting, and wow: "Scorch Atlas is quite possibly the most visceral book I’ve ever read, and in its uncompromising slog through muck and murk, boot-heeled in language, the book carves out a style which, once experienced, feels necessary. As flickering lights can induce seizures, Butler’s prose seems prone toward causing synesthesia; touch permeates and choke-holds all the senses, rendering images tactile, reinventing sounds, smells and tastes, even air itself, as palpable spatio-temporal entities."

Many thanks to Tim and the IT crew.

Also today, the always kind and bounteous J.A. Tyler reviews Kristina Born's One Hour of Television and interviews me, Shane, and Kristina for Rumble.

The review contains excerpts from the book that if you haven't bought it yet, I feel like it could make you want to.

I made a list of 25 important books of the 00s for HTMLGiant

Going to Boston Saturday to lecture at Emerson on sentences, including sentences by a slew of people, D. Williams, Hannah, Goransson, Kilpatrick, Glaser, about 12 others, if you are in Boston maybe you can come or something, here's a flyer:

Fuck, Tyrant 7 is an ill ill motherfucker. I don't think I wrote my story that is in it, my mother's computer did. It's my best story. Still reading slow, haven't read anything that hasn't spinecrushed.

I ate too much meat today, I'm a gooby


Ken Baumann said...

If that subect line is from what I think it's from, then $



Keith Montesano said...

Where the hell is my TELEVISION copy? (!!!!!!!!)


in dat mail man

mather said...

Blake, I am wondering why you are blocking my comments on HTML Giant. You asked your people if you should ban me and I think out of 80 comments only Barry said "ban the fucker". So, you ban the fucker. Are you having sex with barry? Who are you protecting? Am I really more offensive than others on the site? Is this personal? Do I know you?


i mark your comments spam because you can't stop shitting all over the floor, just like the countless spam ads trying to sell dick cream. if you had something constructive to say, negative or positive, i would unblock it as spam. but you destruct conversations by just shitting on them. and i'm not your babysitter. it's not a democracy. when you can stop commenting in ways that are just to start shit, and therein derail any worthwhile conversation, i will stop blocking you as spam.

mather said...

You didn't answer the fact that most of your viewers don't view me as "spam" at all...there goes your "babysitter" theory...I understand it's not a democracy, so, in other words, it is personal, right?

mather said...

What always stumps me about the deletion of comments is who is being protected, and from what. Selling dick cream, sure, great analogy. Gotta protect your gullible flock from buyin my dick cream.


you also don't know how to listen.

mather said...

There are a lot of people who don't know how to listen, or who are not paying attention. But I do, and I am. Otherwise I would not be here at all. You must know that.

mather said...

How could any "worthwhile conversation" be derailed by my comments? You sound like Chen, pissed that nobody comments and then blaming it on me. Yeah, I'm scaring people away, sure. That's weak.

mather said...

How's this, is this better: You nailed it, babe! Booyah! Best. Post. Ever.

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