Monday, August 27, 2007

2 new poems

two recent posts from this blog are now poems at 3:AM.

thank you to tao lin for publishing me again.

someone found this blog yesterday by searching for 'perfect anus' on google.

i will continue to be a champion.

dick taint bowling
roger corman snuff film babysitting anime
big cock anime
sneeze baby
cheese dumpling corrosion
lick my child's eyes
john berryman boat ride evening
chapstick dildo
delicious knee tease


brandon said...

those are good, on 3:AM, i liked them

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if its okay to post a few lines of your poem "Eventually I will be lipid" and link it to the actual article on 3AM Magazine. Its just a small personal tumblr account but I really enjoyed them and hope my friends and contacts will as well. Email me at marcia.howard[at]gmail dot com. Thanks.

SarahJane said...

I enjoyed both of those - thanks for the link.