Monday, August 13, 2007

rescue dawn

i saw the new werner herzog film RESCUE DAWN. it is about a pilot in vietnam who crashes and is kidnapped by vietnamese. the pilot is played by christian bale, who did a very good job, if slightly strange. he always delivers lines in a way that makes them seem different than what i imagined the writer would have imagined the delivery as.

for the first time in forever i felt good about having spent $8 to see a movie. every other time in the last 2 years with few exceptions i've felt cheated, bored or dumber after sitting for two hours in a dark room looking at a screen. RESCUE DAWN kept me compelled and eyes open and forgetful of my outside life for the duration of its playing. that was nice. it also operates much differently than any other way film i've seen. people should go see this movie.


Tao Lin said...

i liked rescue dawn

have you seen any other werner herzog?

i like 'land of silence and darkness' (documentary about blind-deaf people), 'grizzly man,' 'stroszek' and 'the white diamond'

also the documentary about the real rescue dawn guy, 'little dieter needs to fly'

also his book of interviews, 'werner on werner'


i have seen most of herzog. i haven't seen the white diamond but i've seen the others you said.

i really like 'cobra verde' also and 'La Soufriere' which is a short documentary about a town that is abandoned because it is at the bottom of an active volcano, except one guy insists on staying there. it's pretty incredible.

for those that don't know, werner herzog is the publicist for jobless bitch magazine.

Megan said...

yeah, what is up with christian's line delivery? it always takes me at least an hour into any movie to get beyond it. and probably i get beyond it because he's so pretty.

there's a good interview with herzog on npr if you're bored at work or something. they ate real maggots in that movie. and herzog ate them, too. what a trooper!

Tao Lin said...

i haven't seen cobra verde or la soufriere