Tuesday, August 14, 2007


someone found my blog today by typing in 'pamela's titties' on google. another person found it by searching 'shitting online'. i'm not sure what the second guy was looking for but i hope he found it.

i am now going to up my traffic by 30 hits a day:

dog fluffing
special bistro lotion
no limit hold em slur
what about peter sellers and chico marx
penile haberdashery
perfect anus blog
biggot auction at seven cents a gallon
mark wahlberg's gonads
portrait of a little hydrocephalic baby
corndog euphemism
how to get published in the paris review
ride her velvet liquid pussy
patchwork quilt pattern instructions
free nipple tweak and vibrator donation
ouch ouch panties
cheapest gas
american idol audition atlanta preggers
what to buy your father post-suicide
patty duke show dandruff removal
heineken lamp cure for AIDS
midget erectile dysfunction
preteen nude vacation
googke.com googlr.com googlw.com


Josh Maday said...

This is a great idea. I'm going to do a huge name-drop dump on my blog in the next couple of days to redirect traffic flow. I'll probably do a keyword drop like this, too, but not just yet.

Hey, by the way, as I just said on the EWN blog, "Redefining All-You-Can-Eat" is a masterpiece.

And, yes, I was very surprised to see your blog pop up in my search for 'shitting online'. The logistics of it were screwy, but it got the job done. Who woulda guessed?


i need to name drop too. it's weird to see the things that make people show up at certain pages.

glad you liked the ryan's essay. thank you for saying so.

shit for life.