Friday, November 16, 2007

FF&R Podcast + Pushcart Nomination

Shalla Magazine reprinted an older story of mine, FAKE FIRE AND RESCUE, on their site. They nominated me for a Pushcart Prize for it. They also recorded a podcast reading of the Shalla editor reading it: here. I had no idea. It was nice of them to do that. Though it's strange to hear someone else reading your words. It kind of made me feel like there was someone in the room watching me and I do not have any clothes on.

It is getting cold out.

Tonight I am going to see NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I haven't been excited to see a movie in a while. Though it is my least favorite McCarthy book, it should be better than most of the garbage they put out on the screen these days.

Shivering indoors is not fun.


Kathryn said...

i thought it was warm in atlanta all year round. when you say "cold" do you mean 65 degrees?

i don't think you do. you don't seem like the kind of person that would complain about the weather unless it was actually for real cold. i am confused.


high is 53 today. low is 34. it's not AWFUL cold, but cold enough that my underdressed ass gets chilly.

it's definitely not like the north here, but it still bites a little.

Kathryn said...

okay, that's cold enough. especially if you are standing outside naked while someone reads your poems on a podcast. i now feel sympathetic.

jereme said...


Congrats on the nomination and publication. I had one of my stories on a podcast too and felt the same way.

It is a weird situation.

I do not sympathize with your weather problems. It is in the 80's here in Orange County and I am sick of it.

I welcome the cold. A season would be enjoyable too.

Orange County is considered paradise by some.

Frankly, paradise sucks.

Anonymous said...

hi good strange

brandon said...

coen brothers good mccarthy calm violent genius man

pushcart prize hooray

christopher higgs said...

Congrats on the pushcart nod. I liked reading your piece, but when I finished reading it I clicked on the podcast thing and unfortunately I couldn't finish listening to it: the woman reading it read it in a way that was antithetical to how I heard it in my head. Perhaps this just means I like very much the sound of my own inner-head voice? Anyway, congrats!

sam pink said...

blake, congratulations on your prize. i am proud to announce that you have won another prize too. it is the 'impersonal electronic communication award for being good at typing things (being good more so than a lot of other people) award' the judges were me, jane austen's shriveled skull and some guy i met at the gas station who says he likes to eat the hair off of his head when he's alone. email me if you want the barnes and noble giftcard.


thanks thanks. yeah, the reading in the podcast is unlike i'd ever imagined hearing it. it was hard for me to listen, but i thought that might be just because i wrote it.

sam: i eat the head off my hair too. i identify with the panel. is that considered skewing the judges? are you going to negate my candidacy? if not, i'll take the gift certificate in hams rather than paper, please. i need something to stuff my coming child with.

Josh Maday said...

I thought I'd left a comment here. It was clever and witty. I don't see it here, so I guess I didn't. Must have been a dream.

Congrats on the Pushcart nomination. That's awesome.

How was NCFOM? I think it doesn't come out here until tomorrow.

If you rub hot coals on your lips, let them blister, smile, and spray lemon juice on them, you will forget about being cold. Then again, you're probably not cold anymore, this being however many days later.