Friday, November 2, 2007

What to do with nowhere @ SOFTBLOW

I have a text in the new update of SOFTBLOW: What to do with nowhere.

It was written while nodding out on my sleeper sofa with a remote keyboard on my thighs and the screen not visible. Typos and mistakes were edited and phrases deleted or rearranged and section numbers added, but otherwise I was mostly asleep during the writing.

This is the first of several texts I have written in various forms of sleep state.

To receive this publication, I squelched the dreamlife of my computer, crushed a baby's bonnet bell with my back teeth, and placed third in an olympiad of preteen aspiring impresarios. You should have seen me chuck that javelin with both arms sawed off: it was like I'd never seen the sky.


Anonymous said...

good. more. now.

jereme said...

I am surprisingly aroused, however, not unexpectedly, by the name of the site.