Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Short Story Collection

I am about 90% done with finishing my first collection. I have to make two of the shorter stories longer and then it will be done. It could be considered a novel in stories like OTHER ELECTRICITIES. All of the stories are set during some apocalypse event and have elements of the semipopular genre MAGICAL REALISM. You have to pick words that people can latch onto to try to sell things. I have chosen to confide in MAGICAL REALISM. For instance, in one story there is a child that lives in a man's attic and as time passes the child swells to fill the entire attic. In another story a boy's father goes to prison for not being able to hit free throws. In another story the hair of the dogs in the neighborhood grows out so long they can not walk.

I can't think of a great title for the book yet. The only thing I've almost liked for a title was what I thought of last night while I was driving: SCORCH ATLAS. I think that's pretty okay. I am also considering the title: ________

Which is appropriate in context of the book but maybe too shlocky to do.

I am going to try to get the collection published. Looking back, I think I had difficulty selling novels because I wrote them differently from the way I really write. I think this book is how I really write. Stories from it are forthcoming in NINTH LETTER, PHOEBE, WILLOW SPRINGS, LIT, LAKE EFFECT, QUICK FICTION, and others. If anyone has good ideas for how/who/where to shop a collection, please tell me. I would appreciate it. I might even suck your titty.


Tao Lin said...

"In another story a boy's father goes to prison for not being able to hit free throws."


blake, can you send me the collection, i'd like to read it

Josh Maday said...

I need a copy of this collection. I will buy it.

Anonymous said...

i like MAGICAL REALISM as a title. we should have a vote. not really. who's is better. i will email you very soon about potential publishing houses to check out. hum.

Anonymous said...

I will send you ten dollars if you name the collection Eleven Second Underbelly.

sam pink said...

blake butler, my title suggestions are the following:

1. i am going to kill you with a steak knife

2. father/son make-out party

3. discovering danny

4. i spoke the greatest secret known to man into the vagina of a cow


i'll take #4. i like that one.

i am still dumb.

Brooklyn said...

Well, please stay away from my tit, but you might try Impetus Press? They seem an obvious choice, but at least they accept submissions by email and seem to have a quick response time.


Lyndall-O said...

SCORCH ATLAS is a great name. I would like to read this.

jereme said...

Hmm, I'm with Virginia on this. Magical Realism is intriguing and laughable at the same time.

Or you could call it

Howling Anus

Pink Mullet

Empty rooms

I dunno.

I don't know why i had the urge to try to name your own work. That is kind of smug of me.

I am sorry.

not really

Go with Howling Anus