Friday, November 30, 2007


Today I received two comments on my last post from a person named ANDREA HOPE BERG.

ANDREA HOPE BERG's initial comment stated: "well... your blog makes me sad for you. you should read your bible."

I was thinking someone might be joking with me but when I looked at ANDREA HOPE BERG's blogger profile she described herself as: "19, student, Christ follower."

ANDREA HOPE BERG's second comment stated: "or read my blog ... i think you would like it"

I was appreciative of her willingness to substitute her blog for the Bible. That gives me hope.

I'm curious as to how ANDREA HOPE BERG happened across my blog in the first place.

I would like to publicly respond to ANDREA HOPE BERG:


Today I woke elated. I dressed in gauze and touched my face. I found a small piece of venison in my satchel. I strapped the satchel on my back. Wearing the satchel (white camo), I went outside and stood in the parking lot outside my apartment. I tried to think of where to go. I could feel you in my teeth. Your itch reminded me of dentists. I felt someone else inside deflate. I walked to the QT and bought a men's mag. You and I are not alone.

In this sadness, I am considering getting a large tattoo of a duckling on my inner thigh. I would like the duckling to have a gravy boat in hand, with florescent colored gravy.

Sometimes I feel a toddler in my neckbone: do you agree? If yes, gesture with both hands. If no, tell your future son I say hello.

XOX, and with G_D's love,

ANDREA HOPE BERG'S blog is called glimpses. Read it and/or the bible.


Kathryn said...

she is a blog missionary. this is web 2.0 evangelism. it's weird when people say "your" bible, instead of "the" bible.

Anonymous said...

did you hear kathy? there is a new 2.01 patch. you should download it. it's free.

trevor said...


whenever I listen to death cab for cutie, I am remineded of you and your writing. the odd and refreshing way you look at things.

I don't know why I associate you with DCFC. it's really weird. I've never seen a picture of the singer or band, and the only picture of you I've seen was included with the mexican poem on 3am months ago.

continued success, man.

Stephen Daniel Lewis said...

if you finish reading her blog, you can start a fund and buy a king james bible from amazon. I'll donate.

jereme said...

Does Andrea know that Jesus would be a metrosexual cowboy pop-country singer if he were alive today?

I feel sorry for metrosexual cowboys. They are so confused.

I will pray for them and you blake.


pray and kiss the television.

thnx trevor: as long as you don't say i look like dawson, i'm happy.

christopher higgs said...

Reading her blog made me very sad. I just went there and looked through some of her posts and I felt really sad. I wanted to leave her a comment, but I just couldn't. I still feel sad right now as I am typing this.

sam pink said...

i would advise her to go to hell and tell satan i am not far behind.

Anonymous said...

where is andrea. i think she is afraid. afraid she cannot save us.

brandon said...

i like andrea hope berg's name a lot

Frank Morgan said...

about the link:


you mean http://

not hhttp://

p.s. Andrea Hope Berg made my skin crawl and my testicles retract into my stomach


Saga said...

All the Bergs I know go to my synagogue. Hmmm