Monday, January 14, 2008


UNSAID Magazine has a new print issue coming out. UNSAID Magazine has been called the descendant of Gordon Lish's THE QUARTERLY. They also have a new website, archiving all of the work they've printed in their first three issue, including: BRIAN EVENSON, MICHAEL KIMBALL, NORMAN LOCK, GARY LUTZ, ROBERT LOPEZ, PETER MARKUS, PAUL MALISZEWSKI, PADGETT POWELL, M SARKI, CHRISTINE SCHUTT, WILL ENO, NOY HOLLAND, COOPER ESTEBAN, JOANNA HOWARD, DEB OLIN UNFERTH and many ridiculously talented others. You can read all of that work online now.

Jesus christ.

For the launch of the website, they've published a short thing I wrote. It is in the web exclusives section of the site: 13 PLASTIC DOORS.

It is short and has short sentences. You can read it very fast. It owes somewhat of a debt to David Markson's WITTGENSTEIN'S MISTRESS.

I am very stoked to be involved with UNSAID. You should order the new issue.

This story may or may not be part of a novel I've started working on, to be worked on more after I finish the ebook I'm working on, which is getting very close to done, and I think now is for sure called PRETEND I AM THERE BUT VERY LITTLE. Come to think of it, 13 PLASTIC DOORS is rather connected to the ebook in certain very distinctive ways.

To receive this publication, something clicked inside me and I clicked it back and I walked a little further and felt it slipping and so I leaned against a mailbox to try to keep it from slipping more and the more I leaned the more the mailbox leaned and soon we were parallel to the ground.

Today I am 29.


trevor said...

happy b-day blake.

i'm standing outside smoking a cigarette. it's cold, mid 40's i'd guess. i'm wearing a gray zip-up hoodie, cargo shorts, and my wife's pink house shoes (which are very plush and warm, though my heels hang out and i have to lean forward to keep my heels from touching the cold pavement). i want to quit smoking, but the only resolution i've kept is to drink more water everyday.

Mike Young said...

happy birthday, sir.

i fly back to massachusetts tomorrow. the verdict was too stupid to avoid jury duty. the next cover of noo will feature a once-inhabited and now secret scottish island. there are forces at work. work = force x fresh paprika.

Josh Maday said...

happy birthday, blake. way to go.

good work at unsaid. you are a new and emerging deity. enjoy this.

* said...

excellent story. very lynchian


thank you sirsssss

Tao Lin said...

happy birthday, good job

jereme said...

Wow, I didn't know you were old and crusty like me.

I would wish you a happy birthday but I don't really see the point.

Either you are happy or not.

Actually, I don't believe in happiness. I beileve in doorknobs or buttons or hard nipples but not happiness.

So I hope you had a content birthday.

congrats on the mag, but that is not much of a surprise.

I have been thinking that I will find a Blake Butler Haiku on the Denny's Dinner Menu because that is the last place that has not published your work.

Enjoy the publication success. You deserve it.


tank ye. ye de shittt.

christopher higgs said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on thoroughly outliving Jim Morrison.