Friday, March 28, 2008

I am touching BATS OUT OF HELL by Barry Hannah and eating Jelly Belly

I have two things in OCHO 19. Mike Young, P.F. Potvin are there. It is $8 on amazon, as are all the OCHO back issues.

Thank you Didi Menendez. Didi Menendez also has just announced a new print vessel, which is now open to submissions: Oranges & Sardines.

I still have room for a couple of 'X' submissions in the next LAMINATION COLONY. If you didn't see the part of this post about it earlier, I am accepting 100% of the next ten things that are sent in with an X in the email subject. These pieces are subject to my edits and my name. See that post for more info (its at the bottom).

People should send anything. Doesn't have to be a 'finished' story, or a story at all. I am going to mangle it.

For the issue after this issue I want to publish work with bios including pictures of the each author naked reading a book they hate. I think that would be funny and get people to look. But no one will probably do that.

I also want to solicit certain writers and then reject whatever they send very meanly without reading it and try to be mean enough to get them to respond and then post the email correspondence. I can think of some writers I don't know at all who I would do this to. It would be fun. It wouldn't mean I hate them or their writing, but it would mean something else, I don't know what.

I feel really dumb today don't listen to me


Unknown said...

Your little challenge here for your publication may just get me writing again.

Alicia P. said...

I submitted an "X" email submission. I sent it to Is that right?


do it didi!

alicia, yes. good.

Unknown said...

Dear Editor I would like to submit the following sucky poem on your blog titled Dear Editor. I look forward to hearing from you.

Didi Menendez

Dear Editor:

I would like to submit the following poem.
For your consideration
I would like
for it to start
with roses are red
and violets are blue.
However, the lump
on my left breast is neither.
I would like to confess to you Dear Editor
that I did not breast feed my oldest
nor did I breast feed my second.
I felt the urge Dear Editor
to give her my left nipple
to have her suckle away
Dear Editor
that first night
I brought her home,
I did not give her my left breast.
I took the medication instead.
And waited for the heaviness
and the longing
night after night
to dry away.
And on those nights
Dear Editor
when she stirred for
the milk she would never taste
I looked away to the stranger
sleeping next to me.
for that is what he had become
and I knew at that precise moment
that he would never replace,
no matter how many times
he suckled on my left breast
the wanting to give someone
that much.