Sunday, March 2, 2008


It is Saturday night and I am reading.
I read Mathias Svalina's CREATION MYTHS and really enjoyed it.
It is apocalyptic and funny and prose poems mostly. Ok.
I am reading Chelsey Minnis's BAD BAD. Half of it is really strange.
The other half is really strange too but in a way I can lick.
ANTI VITAE and DUNG CART and SAD-O are my favorites in there, I think.
I am trying to remember how to think I think.
I want to shit in a buggy and walk it down the street singing also.

I don't care.


death-hustler said...

Chelsey Minnis was the only poet I could read for two years. Consequently, I could not write and I could not think.


i want to read zirconia right now. she is interesting.