Monday, March 17, 2008


Thank you to everyone who commented/wrote/called about the tornado shit. It has been and continues to be pretty disconcerting and/or surreal and/or difficult. I finally got to go into my place this morning and check it out. I was really lucky. My window had been busted out so the firemen could get in but there was no other damage to the actual building structure. A lot of wet got into my closet and messed up some stuff and there was a fine layer of dust and crap all over everything, but other than that, it is intact. My stuff is fine, with the exception of some warped books, and an impending case of mildew. There's still no word as to when we'll be able to go back to living in the building, as many others were severely damaged. A wooden roof beam flew off of one building and basically impaled the living room of a unit three doors down from me. My neighbor on my right had his roof ripped open and lost all his stuff. I'm still a little fucked on not being able to sell it anytime soon, but with the list of everything else that could have happened, I am thankful.

Life is strange. I think my brain is really beginning to come apart. I can kind of feel it. But okay.

- - -

On a more positive note, some fun things coming:

I have a thing in Chelsea Martin and Brandon Scott Gorrell's new zine: THIS IS STUPID I LOVE YOU, which you can get on the website I think and stuff from some awesome people like K. Silem Mohammad, Tao Lin, Kevin Sampsell, Mazie Louise Montgomery, Prathna Lor, Mike Topp and so on. I like handmade zines a lot.

I also have a review of William Walsh's WITHOUT WAX in the new print version of Rain Taxi.

What else. I don't know. Trying to distract myself. Trying to look for something.

About to start reading MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS.


colin bassett said...

hi. you should post some of the books that were warped. people will send you extra copies. i will get them on bookmooch and send them to you.

tutuola is good.

Josh Maday said...

hooray for relatively minimal damage.

yes, i will send books. any books you want that i have or can get. i will send a pair of work boots to place in front of your apartment door. they will be something.

death-hustler said...

yes i saw the tornado with my dumb eyes of flesh. I was in cabbage town having a late lunch and the lights went out. then there was some creaking and the windows bulged. some bricks fell into the street and we drove on the sidewalk to get across town. that neighborhood is fucked because no one has reason to put money back into it i suppose. very good to hear you're alright.

Mike Young said...

Glad you finally got back into the apartment. I called you but got your answering machine. If you need any replacement stuff (we probably share tastes in robot dildos and expensive china) gimme a holler.


colin+josh, thank you that is awesome. i don't know what is damaged really yet (i had to leave it in there), i think it mostly litmags, which is good. but i really appreciate the offer, ill let you know. you are awesome.

d-h, you were in cabbagetown? you are bob. glad you're okay too.

mike, fortunately my dildo made it out alive. you called? my phone's been off a lot, up until i got my charger back. ty ty.

Jennifer said...

I'm really glad to hear you're okay! Same goes for your loft.