Sunday, July 20, 2008


Didi Menendez interviewed me about LAMINATION COLONY for MEN OF THE WEB.

I just lost a big hand at poker so I am probably going to be negative in this post.

Really I feel too dumb today to be negative. I don't know what's going on with anything. I feel like my cousin who developed blindness in the form of tunnel vision, wherein she would lose a little bit around the edges every so often until she could no longer see.

I don't know, my hope seems whipped to bits like some old horse.

I had an idea I was going to talk about where I was going to suggest something I felt could help small publishing: where each year, each literary journal that is quarterly or more replaces one of their issues with a book length ms instead of that issue. This would focus the energy of that press into that one book, giving it a lot of hype and attention for each, 'this is 8dy7fa08suf0ua08a0ew[r80a97ew40t8a7er8tuyao8gfoahdsfgohadsfghasfdhga oaihdfo hasd aohdfj asjkdfh asj hdfjhasodhfoashdfashdfhjasdhfasdhfahsdfhasdhfasdfl;jasldjkflaskdjfljasdlfja;slkdjf;las ahjdl fasldjk fajkdf ja

I don't care

I think if I ate some human flesh it would make me feel fine, i really would do that, i don't know when it could ever happen, one of my friends let his friends eat part of his arm once, he cooked it up real good, no shit

I like

read some

Bill Faulkner

i reread the damn AS I LAY DYING thang

it was good

i just lost another big fucking poker hand, it is orchestrated for me to want to cut my face off today, i say that a lot, 'cut face off' 'cut dick off' shut up

the last scene in AS I LAY DYING was partially stupid, that's ok, most of it was excellent, bill claimed he wrote it in 6 weeks and didnt change anything, i like that, ok good

if I had a pussy bill faulkner would eat it through the pages

i am going insert that in my novel, the novella is a novel now, it is getting longer/////////////////////// i am about to have two novels from this year on my hard drive, though these are ones i like, unlike the X # of novels on hard drive from other years where i was still too dumb, i am probably still too dumb, but ////////////// in this new novel i am going to insert a passage where the narrator eats the pussy out of the reader, if I knew a book would eat my pussy i would definitely buy it nahwahimsayin

Someone should write a book that keeps asking Do you know what I'm saying over and over again like the way rappers n shit do, if you can work rappers into your books along with getting your pussy eat, more people will do it, i am 100% sure


oh boy, NOVELZ!))!)

gosh, this post, i know, i'm sorry


Keith Montesano said...

That interview's great. And thanks for the way-too-flattering shout out. I could replace a few things in there (SCORCH ATLAS and short fiction manuscript) and my comments would be identical.

Josh Maday said...

i like that interview a lot. you are a visionary.

i hope someone publishes keith's ms soon.

Tim Dicks said...

Your book-length ms issue idea is pretty great. Sales and bookstore carries would probably put the rest of the year to shame, and give somebody's shortish novel a chance for paper.


get em keith

thank you josh me2

tim, yes, i think this would be a huge idea if someone could convince journals, i need to write it out better when i am not in the mood to be a dickbag

DOGZPLOT said...

this post makes me want to watch hostel 2 with the volume all the way down and listen to biggie smalls with giant headphones.


dogz, thank you, victory

ryan call said...

good interview

jereme said...

you are the second person to say that you would like to sample human flesh

i think i am being swayed to try it

i don't know

my issue is that the person had to be slaughtered right?

like an animal

tupac was a poet

i like his lyrics

my favorite is:

"so what if i die young, all i ever got was mean mugs and cold stares"

preach it borther, preach it

god damn white man

always bringing




in the instance of my friend who served his flesh, the person did not have to be slaughtered. there is extra flesh on bodies. it would probably be expensive or yes, against the will.

tupac is alive

Keith Montesano said...

true story: when i almost died at 14 in 9th grade, waking in the hospital with my mom there by my side, after guzzling white tavern vodka in the woods at a high school football game (and contrary to popular high school belief, i didn't have my stomach pumped; i almost died of hypothermia), i woke to tupac's death on the tv beyond me. he had just passed away.

i think i told you about this before, blake. maybe not. either way, it was really fucking weird.

i still think he might be alive too. who else has put out so many posthumous records?

i tried so often to write a poem about that. i still have blackout flashes of the folks who carried me out (classmates, semi-friends then, but not now, though i do thank them, more than they know), along with the surrealist in-the-woods guzzling session.


that would be a hell of a poem. get it.

the reasoning behind tupac's faking his death.. all his records titles switched out of contract and to his mother, plus yeah that he's released more now after the fact that he even did before i think,

dude is maxin on an island he owns somewhere making videos he watches alone in his big scarface bathtub

jereme said...

i don't know

i can't believe he is still alive

i mean the guy wrote nonstop

for years in prison

any writer, i think, can relate to when they are inspired and write non stop

he was ephemeral

it is okay to admit that

but i like your romantic

vision of his last


Anonymous said...

blake, if you ever get some human flesh to eat, invite me over


something is going to happen

jereme said...


well i hope you know how to cook human flesh

because unless it can be microwaved

or bought from a drive-through

you are screwed

as gena has no idea how to cook

she is modern

Anonymous said...

fuck you jereme

i can make waffles


who could ever need more than waffles


jereme d-e-a-n

jereme said...


last time i checked

human flesh does not come

in waffle form

perhaps a mcribwhich?


so modern it hurts

Pet & Gone said...

In high school I had a substitute teacher who said he was close friends with tupac's mother or aunt or someone. Then he screamed at us about how tupac was dead and we were priviledged kids who didn't know anything about suffering.


i want private classes from that'n

jereme said...

substitute teachers are like

helicopters with ejection seats

fake boobs on a fat girl


a victoria secrets catalog clutched in the hand of sister mary

not much use

at fucking all