Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Throwing a Child is like Cleaning a Dish

Sean Lovelace's new blog includes reviews of nachos and a feature 'the loudest sound I heard today.' He also today pitted me against Phillip Larkin in a who-writes-best-about-death heads up match. Heads up again Phillip Larkin? I think I have burns under my sideburns from the post-grave headlock. The work of mine he is discussing is the 2nd of my two published here.

Sean's SO, THIS IS DRINK is easily among my favorite pieces ever published online, or elsewhere for that matter. Read it. Subscribe to his blog, it's been highly entertaining already.

I want to challenge Sean to a nacho consumption throwdown but I don't think I'm in good shape for it yet. Plus he clearly has a strong nacho mind.

Nachos are the Kool Keith of food.

I feel my energy is shifting. I am fully back in my loft again. It feels new. It feels clean. New bed. New sofas. A wonderful person sleeping beside me.

They say if you say your energy is shifting, if you write it down, it can help make it so, but I actually believe it is.

I don't know if I believe that thing about the saying it making it happen more, but ok. Did I just negate the possibility? I am a negator. That's ok with me too.

I did not just lose two huge poker hands so I'm not being negative and talking about pussy in this post, that's good.

I am going to see two of my favorites in the next 6 weeks, both of which I have tickets for now: David Byrne is playing here, doing the BUSH OF GHOSTS stuff and some Heads stuff and some solo I'm sure. I think that may almost complete my list of people I need to see play live before I die, though I still need some incarnation of Michael Gira at least.

Also seeing Crispin Glover when he comes here for two nights to show WHAT IS IT? and do a q&a and read from his books. Man. It's been a long wait for him to finally come out this far. The preview makes my face softer.



jereme said...


eh saying something doesnt' mean much to me

words are nothing

actions are concrete

let me know how crispin glover is

i am jealous i could observe that

guy for weeks without sleeping


yeah i am with you on that i think, i think i was trying to trick myself, it didnt work

but i still hope this is a shift

i will report on glover, it will make me want a sandwich i am sure

DOGZPLOT said...

yeah, i like sean's stuff alot, if you haven't checked out the journal he edits along with rachel hartley-smith, CELLA'S ROUND TRIP, you should stop reading this now and check it out.

Keith Montesano said...

what's the deal with that flick? is it ever going to be released? i need to check karagarga to see if it's on there. it looks insane. deliciously insane.

the only bogus thing about nachos is when regal cinemas calls a $6 plastic tray of them SUPER NACHOS -- when they're regular, stale round nachos with a bunch of cheese. bring on the toppings. or don't sell them for $6.

that's my stance at least.

Keith Montesano said...

karagarga has it, but it's over a gig. i don't want to mess up my ratio. unless it's really necessary. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Josh Maday said...

only a couple weeks and sean's blog is killer. the nacho reviews are my TV Guide. i don't know what that means. but i do know that i like sean's blog a lot.

i just got WILD AT HEART today and am looking forward to experiencing crispin glover. i am going on a lynch binge soon.

thanks for the lead, dogz.. checking now

Brandon Hobson said...

Wait, you get to see David Byrne AND Crispin Glover? Oh. Ah. If that don't make your scrotum pucker, nothing will.

I'd like to know what Talking Heads songs Dave does.


keith, can u send me the link to the download? i never even thought to d/l it..

wait, is that the members only joint? if so, i will pay you to burn it for me

josh, wild at heart is unlike any of the others... a strange one even for him, but fun

brandon, yeah i'm gonna shit at both. i'll let you know what he plays

Keith Montesano said...

unfortunately i don't have any invites, and yes, it's a member only site. my ratio, since i never actually upload flicks there, has just grown a bit for the uploading that folks are download on my end... if that makes any sense.

i asked my friend if he has any invites. if he DOESN'T, then i'll download it and try to figure out a way to get it to you via the net, so you have a copy on your computer. maybe instant messenger or something? at any rate, we'll make it happen. i'll let you know when i know.

i hope he has an invite because you'll go fucking nuts downloading all kinds of crazy shit...

Keith Montesano said...

wow, check this shit out --

he seems like a real asshole. but not a cool asshole.

apparently this dvd rip is super shitty, since he only has one 35mm print of it and it's apparently never going to be released on dvd. i haven't seen it yet, but the guy who uploaded was warning everyone that it's certainly not the best way to watch it, though it may be the only way at this point...


i appreciate the check out. i probably wont watch it until the theater anyway, just to get it best i can. but yes, anything is awesome.

i dont think glover should be frowned on. having toured with bands for years, i know from more than a few firsthand fuckovers you have to act a certain way in that spot or you;ll get fucked. i dont blame him one bit. in fact, i would be disappointed were it any other way.

biz iz biz

jereme said...

i think glover comes off as an asshole quite a bit

the guys brain functions are 1000 x higher than most every one else including krang from tmnt

plus he probably is an asshole

Keith Montesano said...

shit i realized you are gonna see it in the theater. well this rip looks shitty. i didn't download it yet. seeing if i snag the invite.

i know, he's eccentric. all that jazz. but it sounds like he tried to fuck them on purpose, and that ain't cool. just because someone divorces you that doesn't mean you need to be an asshole to your next five spouses because you got screwed the first time.

that doesn't make any sense. it's late.

either way, the full report is necessary after that shit happens.

Adam R said...

That trailer, whoa, hey, yeah.

Not making a DVD version of so-called art films make sense to me. No one expects painters to make lower quality copies of their own work to sell for $14.95.

Josh Maday said...

WHAT IS IT? looks like one crazy mufuckin film. i want to see it.


i guess crispin glover could come splash tired baby juice on my mom and i'd still like him

i like assholes if they make good stuff, i dont care

jereme said...

yes, i concur

long live assholery

and all the little

times we share

Darby said...

re adam's comment on non-dvd release... I disagree. I made a similar point about the non-dvd release of Cremaster Cycle. Art films are in a different class than paintings. In fact, everyone can view any painting they want at lower quality, for free, online. You can by a poster of a Picasso painting for 14.95 probably. The difference is that with an art film, the experience of the art is being withheld along with the authenticity of it. You can still experience the genius of a painting whenever you want, without purchasing it. You can check out a book out from a library. It's more difficult to do with a film. There's no other medium whose availability is analogous to withholding a dvd release.

Man I never realized all this stuff was going on with Crispin Glover.


it's a weird debate. on one hand, seeing cremaster in the theater 'on tour', knowing it only exists in that incarnation in the world, definitely added some level of aura to the experience. i would not have had the same reaction if I had watched it elsewhere, especially downloaded in poorer quality online.

looking at the poster of a dali painting just will never touch you in the same way, and i can respect someone's want to make people see it as they intended or not at all.

at the same time also, i don't fully understand NEVER releasing the items, esp when they have been around enough that people have had their chance to see them in the intended form. it seems too limiting, but some things should be limited?

eraserhead was one of these for so long, to the point that the film was getting altered in that people watched it on shitty replicated vhs tapes and really weren't even seeing the same film, it became so run down. the eraserhead dvd was an art object in itself, and i think most people understand that watching it at home is much different than the theater experience, but they will take what they can get.

i'd love to own cremaster and what is it. i hope it happens one day, regardless.

Darby said...

It might be that I live in a shitty city, where I have to drive three hours to the nearest theater willing to play anything interesting. I've almost completely stopped seeing films in theaters these days. The eraserhead dvd was my first experience of it and that was enough to floor me. I'm still waiting for a decent lost highway release that isn't UK. I agree though, it's about taking you can get.

With paintings, I think the medium determines the experience more than film. There's a much more meaningful distinction between seeing a painting in a museum as opposed to a digital copy than seeing a film in a theater as opposed to a dvd. You can almost set up a similar 'movie' experience with a dvd these days (certainly with inland empire, which was completely digital anyway). The problem I have with all of this is that the decision to not release a dvd seems like a conscious decision to me, a deliberate withholding, when there's nothing deliberate about withholding the experience of seeing a painting. There's no intention to withhold, the nature of the medium dictates it.

Should some things be withheld? I don't know. On a micro level, it makes the experience more meaningful (but is that extra-meaning part of what the artist intended? or exclusive to the viewer. Do artist intend to limit distribution as part of the overall effect of the art?), but on a macro level, there are too many people who don't have time to go and hunt for good art and will settle for whatever's hanging around. Some people need art film dvds pinned to their garments.


Darby, lost highway is out in US on dvd now. it came out 2 or 3 months ago, but there wasn't much mention of it around. it's a pretty good cut, you should check it out.

i dont know, i guess if someone made something and decided they wanted people to see it only under certain terms, isn't that their choice?

Yeah, it sucks for those who don't get to do it, but i don't think there has to necessarily be a definitive demand that all things are made wide release available.

it's an interesting thought, and certainly the motivations of such a move are questionable, but in the end i think it is up to the creator?

Keith Montesano said...

is there any bonus shit on lost highway? i guess i don't mind really, especially if the widescreen cut's good. just curious.

i need to buy that asap.


no extras unfortunately. def worth buying though, for the first 45 min alone

Darby said...

I bought the uk version with the bonus stuff on it. There's good stuff on there. I'm only able to watch it on my laptop though because of the format.

Keith Montesano said...

you mean naked patricia arquette?

that ain't no fohty fahve minutes, my friend.

Keith Montesano said...

darby, don't they have all region dvd players now? i have one that's 10 years old -- and can't play PAL or other regions either -- so i'm not being a dick, but i was wondering if that's what you mean...

jereme said...


welcome to the 21st century. i am joking.

you can get an all region dvd player for about 50 bucks at wal mart.

if you are into movies like i am, i suggest you get one.

jereme said...

also, i am not sure if you are familiar with bit torrent but i just checked and there are several versions of it available for download.

Keith Montesano said...


i don't need an ARP when i have karagarga.

into movies indeed, my friend. yet at this point i've never needed one. i'm wired to this motherfucker until it bites the dust. they don't make 'em like this no mo'.

Darby said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as an all region dvd player. Thanks! I guess I'm not really into movies enough to know these things. I should be more into movies though. It's something I'm working on.

Keith Montesano said...

blake, your KG invite should have arrived. check your spam folder if it's not in your inbox.

i seriously hope your harddrive's massive or you have an external. there's so much good shit to see.

Anonymous said...

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