Wednesday, October 8, 2008

real big trophy

can somebody who is good at drawing draw me a drawing of a minivan swarmed with flies, i mean swarmed so tightly you can hardly tell its a minivan anymore, i would like the flies to have lots of colors and be of different sizes, if someone did this and did it well i would find a way to compensate them i would draw a painting with my dick at least

one time i really did a painting with my dick, i painted on a large thick cardstock sheet i got at walmart really late one night, i often used to go to walmart alone and look around, i did not feel strange, i like the TVs they leave on silent in a long row, i like how you can just keep walking in one kind of light for as long as you want and you don't have to talk to anyone, when i did the painting i had on this song on a john zorn record where this man and woman are screaming at each other in a violent manner, i painted with my semi erect penis, at other times it was full i'm sure, i am sorry for telling you this i just thought about it, the painting wasn't very good, it did have a lot of color going for it, i'll tell you that, i still have it somewhere, maybe it could be brought to public auction, then i'd have enough money to buy a staplegun again

i am feeling destructive today i think i am going to give up something i love


this crying buddha statue looks like he is giving himself head

i think a lot about the painting of the raped woman inside the guns n roses album that eventually got edited out, i remember a kid in my class showing me the picture on our way to see the king ramses exhibit of all the stuff his family or whoever had thought would be good to have around him endless years

and i don't want to get inside of cars anymore

and i never feel clean shaven even right after i have shaved

today i said out loud that i understand why Wallace killed himself, i don't know why i thought i couldn't understand it, i understand it completely, i don't feel depressed because of or inside of saying that, i just understand why he could see the need to do it

typing is hard work

i think people i know in real life think i don't work very much

i am considering that when i finish the next novel i am working on, which will be a long while from now, that i will delete it, i had thought about just not sending it anywhere, but now i think i like the idea of deleting it entirely without backup, first when the first draft is done i want to spend 500-800 hours editing and making every line right with an excess tenacity in which i shirk to a large extent the other things in life i should be paying more attention to, i want to spend more time in the revision process than i have spent on all other things of me combined, and then when it is done, then when it is exactly as i wanted and new, drag it to the trashcan and hear the computer make the crinkle sound as it is permanently erased

the sound of that sound might be the greatest thing in life

or that might really be exciting

like finding a room off the first legend of zelda where there is a window to an all blue room with a table set for dinner in it, and then you eat

or like a duck who winks and lifts his wing to reveal a woman

and how my cell phone keeps taking pictures of nothing, like several a day, so that when you go to look at the photo archive there are just all these little black squares and my cell phone's memory gets fat full and no one can send me messages, most of which i don't want anyway

really i just want to get really fat again

and crawl inside a piece of paper

and laugh

a lot


Ken Baumann said...

felt the same way about wallace

i was in a slump though

sometimes things just get way messy

destruction cleans

no it doesn't but it seems like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

Keith Montesano said...

You can have some of the weight I've put on in the past few years. Deal?


mail it in a small gray container postmarked to 'josh' i will find a way

Anonymous said...

Write a long post about how you were once fat and why and how you are not now and why. That shit fascinates me.


anonymous, i think i have done that, it is somewhere on the blog archives, i know i have written about it a bit at least

jereme said...

"the sound of that sound might be the greatest thing in life"

complete and utter freedom

the words are meaningless. words slowly rot, eventually executed from spoken language

then written language

the paper pages decay and dust

the ink hardens and brittles

human beings who write words and read words forget the words held dear

then the people extinct; melt back into mineral and soil

the earth will forget us fortuitously, spinning through space time cosmos

your words are meaningless

the emotion you feel: excitement, frustration, glee, self-loathing, passion, validation, acceptance

are meaningful

no pill or medicine or herb can recreate the unique feeling

people take for granted

Justin Rands said...

by golly i'll draw it.


justin, that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

My phone took 73 pictures of my ceiling light a few nights ago.

I think your phone came over to my phone's house one night while we were both sleeping and fucked my phone and gave my phone an STD.

If you're going to delete your novel, at least print out a copy and then set it on fire and dance around your pyre of self-pity and self-loating wearing nothing at all but red paint all over your body and chant meaningless phrases like "no cash on delivery" or "fuck the police." At least do that.

What a fucking waste.

Jereme, you're wrong. No human emotion is unique. And it doesn't last either. But who cares?

There are things much more needing of destruction than literature, any literature.


i dont want to destroy it.

i want to think of it one way forever

unlike all else

i won't do it anyway, i'm a pussy


also, jereme didnt say human emotions are unique, but they are meaningful, which is maybe true

more true than unique


i also neither loathe nor pity myself

i am neat


i cant get that shitty song MMM MMM MMM MMM out of my head, for like 6 months now


i like to comment on myself

Anonymous said...

It's not good to think of things one way forever. That's why Woody Allen doesn't watch his own movies (see seanlovelace) - or you know, sorta, what I mean with that.

I want to burn my old car when I buy a new one (when? when?) and dance around it singing "Rumplestilskin!" over and over again.

Write a really elaborate honest piece about your history with food and weight. Or repost old post dealing with it (for me).


i think it could be good

i am writing the book for no one but me anyway, i might as well keep it that way and make sure it stays that way

i am tired of thinking about this aspect of the process, i am not going to think about it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here's a new song:
"convenient parking" (by modest mouse) but covered by sun kil moon- the record, tiny cities, is all modest mouse covers, really just of the lyrics, all diff music.

Peter Cole said...

oh i love that crinkle sound

Anonymous said...

Of course you're writing your book for yourself. Whoever says they write anything for anyone for themselves is full of shit and trying to look like a saint.

We want people to read what we write. We want our existences validated that way. And we should be generous in that. But for someone to say that they write for any reason but their own satisfaction is like a politician saying they will make unicorns alive again.

And I apologize, Jereme, even though I still construe what you say as spontaneous human feeling being unique.

Anonymous said...

Graffiti with your cock. Drink paint and spray it out your pee-hole.


you honestly think everyone writes purely for themselves? that seems a little wanting i think. i think many books, maybe even a majority, are written with others in mind. and that is not necessarily a bad thing. but it often is.

this getting too abstruse for me to think of what to say clearly. i really don't want to think anymore about intentions.

Anonymous said...

Here is why I think people write:

1. There is something inside them that they want to exorcise.

2. They want to reach other people.

3. They want their ideas to matter.

Of course they write with others in mind, but that is only so that they can write something that people will want to read, to achieve #s 1-3. Even writing for oneself is, in a way, writing for others, because the you reading is not the same you writing. But still, but still, this is all very self-destructive, which I do not think is productive, you are correct, Blake.

I like cats, and dogs. If they could read, I would write something for them.

Also: 4. They want to make MONEY.

Also: 5. They want to get laid.

Anonymous said...

I think what Goroff was trying to say is that people who say they write for themselves are not being honest with her/himself. Anyway, that was my interpretation.

Anonymous said...

I guess I was trying to say that, but also say the opposite, if that makes any sense, but even if it makes no sense, I don't really know what I'm talking about anyway.

ryan call said...

i think there is a difference between 'work' and 'job'


DB said...

i heard that recycling bin sound while i was reading that sentence. it was on the computer of a guy at the library.


writing to get laid, those dudes rule it

jereme said...


i don't concur on 'work' 'job'

if you were to word it 'vocation' 'passion'

i am emphatically there with the pom poms and hard young nipples


abstruse is abstruse or perhaps recondite

kind of sounds like klondike

polar bear eat my ice cream, really bum me out


everything is fleeting. you made my point. thank you and good job.

emotions are personal. yes we can both feel 'alienated' or 'happy' or 'loved' or 'hatred'

when you feel 'alienated' it is distinctly different than my feeling 'alienated'

it is completely and utterly unique. it is meaningful. it is yours and yours alone.

words are not yours, they belong to the universe once written down

you cannot claim them as personal any more. a million people can read and comprehend those words and interpret them in different ways from your original intent.

they are fucking meaningless. raindrops in the sea.

what cannot be muddled or destroyed or stolen is your personal feelings during the 'act of writing'

there is nothing we can do to extricate it from your psyche

li po understood this. bukowski understood this. few others have also

i do not covet precious letters and vowels and sentences

if you would like to bask in your perceived glory over something as meaningless as 350 words spaced neatly on a piece of paper i will not stop you

enjoy it

bask in the immense brilliance that is you

you are not special though

neither am i or blake or any writer or person

we will all become nothingness together one day

the fact you fear destroying a novel or a poem or a story is precisely why you should do it

unfetter your ego

personally i would prefer to destroy something perfect precise pristine than watch it decay muddle market

it will be perfect in your mind for your personal eternity

printing selling marketing etc. cannot guarantee such success

i am not saying 'destroy all literary work' or 'destroy all personal literary work'

i am trying to convey a simple notion: realize the words are no longer yours once written, focus on the important aspects of writing, realize nothing is special except what you perceive it to be

once you realize this you will be free from the bullshit i think

destroying something you hold dear before any other person can appreciate it or judge it is cathartic and a good exercise to help your realization

the writing process does not change

the emotions will not change

the work will be hard and same

why do you hold so much importance on the minor glory of notariety and acceptance

simply my opinions you can have your opinions too but please do not make statements on my behalf i do fine making myself look silly and foolish

and if you write simply for accolades and acceptance

here is your 'atta boy' in advance

i am proud of you and really relate to you and wish i was a great writer like you

fucking meaningless words

savor the good shit


jereme needs a tv show

ryan call said...


letsgo with that then

pompoms and hard nipples i expect in next comment

DB said...

also, reel big fish.

DB said...

and drunk.


oh daniel

Christopher Robbins said...

It is currently 4:41am here in new jersey. feeding my 3 kittens chicken. going to sleep now.

ryan call said...

i unfortunately did not go to bed...

Anonymous said...


You cannot even describe your own feelings to yourself without words.

But you are right: my "meaningless" could be different from your "meaningless."

But we are also defined by these parameters.

I guess you are freer than I am. Good job.

I do not want notoriety. I would like people to read something I wrote and feel connected to something bigger, as other authors have done from me. I do not think this is a crime, or arrogance. I am stupid and selfish, and the only way I can think of giving back to the world is by doing it like that.

Burning something you love without sharing it first for your own self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment is just as bad as people like me who write so that they can make money and people will love them and get them drunk and fucked.

What is the point of having something "perfect in your mind" if it is stuck there?


thanks brian, when does sir drop? i wanna peek

BlogSloth said...

Simone de Beauvoir burned her first 3 novels. Pubbed the 4th.


DOGZPLOT said...

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daniel spinks said...

guns n' roses is finally releasing chinese democracy

thank god


sean that is interesting

daniel i will believe it when i see

Anonymous said...

Dogdude, is that just verbatim The Lorax? You are nuts.

I don't think it's good to burn stuff. I wish Simone hadn't. She's good. She was being too hard on herself, as humans so often are. I hate that. I'm really mad at Sylvia Plath's hubby for burning the last six months of her diaries. Really mad about that.

DOGZPLOT said...

i memorized it in 7th grade.

im working on a book about dr. seuss. specifically, whoville.

Anonymous said...

Dog- you are too awesome.

I still think burning your own stuff is bad. What do you know about you?

Once I had this writer say to me about a ms I gave him- this is bad writing, and the guy was my FREN- and so I thought he was right. Ten years later, for the fuck of it, I sent some of it out, I got some chapters of it published and everyone freaked on me they liked it so much. Like, where was THIS? So, you know? Who knows? Don't burn things.


if i had published any of the first 3 novels i wrote no one would talk to me


dr seuss.

Anonymous said...

or like a duck who winks and lifts his wing to reveal a woman....


jereme said...




the late hours of time on the HBO is the only way i could do it


Yes, you made my point. You cannot 'describe' what you feel without language, however, you remember and recognize the feeling without those precious words

i will put it in other terms

The sun rose this morning around 6:45am. A sparrow perching on a branch near my window serenaded the sun at day's first blush. The song was purposeless. It was not to attract females or ward off predators. The little sparrow sang because it was a sparrow and it was dawn

Language is unnecessary to feel, remember or recognize the personal unique emotions of singing in the sun light at dawn

Language would be needed if the sparrow wanted to convey its feelings to others

But it would only be a description, not the actual emotions

Ego is the motivation behind language. the sparrow has no ego. Its emotions are pure

I think writers (the human race in general) are like great white sharks. The great white has no predator, feared greatly among man and beast, constructed stout and strong

He carves through the ocean with a glib swagger. He thinks 'i'm a bad motherfucker', 'i alone am best', 'i am strong and invincible', 'hahahaha'

The shark is arrogant and ignorant. What he fails to realize is a simple concept. He exists because the ocean tolerates his existence. The ocean has seen his kind surge and break within its confinement. The ocean knows no shark is special and countless more will blossom and decay until it evaporates into nothingness

I like what you said about giving. Giving or 'true love' is always outwards. This is a good concept

I will convey honesty though, you are a liar. If your intent is truly to 'give', why not write until death and publish everything anonymous posthumous? Your ego would not permit an accomplishment of true giving

Michael, I'm addressing this with you, it is directed at every one

et al,

I think many are misconstruing the motivation behind destroying after completion

the purpose is not composed of good or bad

it is the path to revelation

'what if it is good writing! what if it is great writing'

it better be otherwise destruction holds no significance

seriously, what has any writer past, present, future written so profound to compete with the juggernaut of time?

look towards the sky tonight, stand there, study, analyze, try to comprehend the vastness of the swirling shit hanging over your head, every star, every planet, every millimeter of space where sound cannot exist, the inexplicable you deny every day

precious words cannot compete with the graveyard of stars and galaxies

time laughs at us

the written words are insignificant; the emotions will always be yours

true self-fulfillment is the greatest accomplishment any person can achieve

ego will muddle self-fulfillment

destroying your work is a tool to remove the ego

i think people need to start being honest and introspectively dissect the motivation of their literary desire. there are no altruistic goals

blake butler desires to spend 800 hours creating the perfect novel and destroy it

he is not destroying out of hate or self-loathing or spite or jealousy

he wants to destroy his own creation with no negative emotion in his heart

i will not be so arrogant to tell him no

i am content with my sparrow voice box and sun dawn madrigals

you sharks can have your deep black sea

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