Monday, November 24, 2008

She stroked the stroke lymph MMMMMM

I hate Christmas time until the day of Christmas. Cars. I wish gas still cost $4. I do. The luxury of 50% less traffic in the fuckville of Atlanta was so worth the doubledime. I am going to set an oilfield on fire. People here think they can go straight through you when they switch lanes. No collision if you are moving horizontal. Faux urban redneck dynasty. Dick eaters.


Regardless, HTML Giant is doing a Indie Press Secret Santa, check it out, sign up.

The final components of EVER are now in place. The cover is mostly finalized and is totally righteous and tech-headed and made of colored light. Derek's inspiration for the cover art was in part: BUSH OF GHOSTS (I just realized how rad the new remaster of this album is: turned from 80's mud style mix to really defined, hearing all this shit you never knew was in there, amazing). Shouldn't be long before the shit goes down. Derek's art for on and in the book makes me go rubbery. No one else could have made this book.

The EVER site is different now, and primed to have various apparati that are coming together to be installed on it, I will update this as it happens, a lot of cool shit I think.

'GREAT,' which I mentioned last time is now for sale, here's how to get it, $4.

I had a sentence occur to me a couple days ago, I came to sit down and write it down as a place to start for later, instead ended up continuing to write it right then until it was 5000 words. After another 10 hours revising, etc., I think it is the best thing I've written, I had forgotten what writing a longish story feels like. It felt good. I don't know who will publish a very long story about a mother destroying her child.

I think I have about 7 stories so far for what is another set of interlinked stories set in a nether-period occurring after the period of SCORCH ATLAS, I think I am going to call it GLYPH ATLAS, I like the idea of having two paired books like that one that erupts from the other, the idea makes me feel like lifting weights made out of shaving cream, this is a note to self.

Lastly and greatly, the new print issue of Tarpaulin Sky is out, it is $12 including shipping and includes a bunch o bunches:

Cover Art by Brandon Downing. Nw work by 35 contributors: Aidan Thompson, Amber Nelson, Andrew Michael Roberts, Bernard Noël, Blake Butler, Brian Henry, Brigitte Byrd, Cal Freeman, Corey Mesler, Dan Thomas-Glass, Erin Lyndal Martin, George Kalamaras , Gregory Howard, Heather Green, Jamey Dunham, Jess Neiweem, Jill Magi, Joanna Ruocco, Jonah Winter, Kim Gek Lin Short, Kristen E. Nelson, Kristi Maxwell, Laynie Browne, Mark Cunningham, Megan Martin, Michael Clearwater, Michael Rerick, Patrick Morrissey, Peter Davis, Rae Gouirand , Rauan Klassnik , Richard Froude, Rob Cook, Sara Veglahn, and Tim Roberts.

Mine is a section of EVER, though in a pretty radically different shape than it will appear in the actual book, and with lots of different lines etc. I think of it as a wholly different thing I think. I am excited to be in TSky with great people I know like Joanna and Peter D. and Rauan and Mark Cunningham, etc., as well as what is sure to be a boatload of the new and sexy. Check her out.

4 recent Google searches that got people here:

1. a real guy give birth in his dick with no towel
2. nice tits can i try one baby bib
3. frogg in vegina
4. i want to see a man penis in a bitch or goats vegina want to see how can a man fuck them

What the hell is in the water in India?


Anonymous said...

People are not meant to be in cars. Just because we think we have logic and culture and books and TV sets and can make these things work does not mean that we, as oversized, over-reaching apes, should encase ourselves in two tons of metal and hurtle ourselves forward at 60 miles per hour. For all our logic, we fail in that instance. I always think that I will die in a car crash. Everyone on the road is my potential murderer.

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Christmas scares me, even as a child it did; the gifts always felt like a bribe to smile for the rest of the family, but I was still shaking in my pleated pants. Christmas is a time where people who have spawned seem to act like they actually live in a Disney cartoon. Fuck that. Those are the people who cause all the traffic in Atlanta.

DB said...

ok. confession. search number 1 was me.


i think about other people a lot when i am driving. 'that guy with the uga sticker has the ability to kill me at any moment with an accidental or intended flick of his fat wrist'

matt, atlanta

daniel, i wish it were so. you are a magnificent wordsmith, but only someone of true pure dick power could have scribed that tome.

actually, after ECI, i believe you. i want your puss


someone just googled 'there is a pink ball in my dog's vulva'

now i feel fucked with



i have never played hi ho cherry o is it fun

jereme said...

the rules:

what it looks like:

don't bring your guns to town son.

ryan said...

the asian arundhati roy

jereme said...

the lost art of fucking ryan manning's mother

Emerick Pond said...

You should send that story to Literary Mama! The mothers'll love it over there, I'm sure.


hi molly
maybe i will send to it them in hopes that will excoriate me