Monday, November 17, 2008

Massengil throat singing

* Jason Moore interviewed me for Bust Down the Door & Eat All the Chickens, about all kinds of shit including dreams, William Gass, editing, Oprah, lists

* Jimmy Chen reviewed my chapbook IN THE RAPE YEAR OF THE GHETTO TODDLER THE HOUSES WILL AWAKEN in a wonderful way, and also reviewed Nick and Brandi's chapbooks concurrently released. Thank you Jimmy.

* Pistachio pudding is fucking amazing, I had no idea

* U.S. Maple's TALKER or ACRE THRILLS is all I can listen to, antimusic, I had no idea Michael Gira produced TALKER until just now, I asked Michael Gira to blurb EVER and he said nicely that he had absolutely no time, at least he took the time to respond, if he was a language poet he probably would not have, I feel aggressive with no release valve, if anyone can get me a physical copy of his THE CONSUMER I would like to buy it but not for $50 like it always is on amazon used

* Yannick Murphy's STORIES IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE has me interested in writing short shit again: this is a magical book.

God Knopf made beautiful books, I wish there was Knopf in Lish ways now still, maybe some are close

* Last night in my dream I got attacked by several children, they forced my pants off and were biting me, a helicopter arrived outside the small room which had one large observation window, I was arrested, I was given a chance for freedom by escaping through a large labyrinth, there was a thin bald man in a red latex suit with a handlebar mustache looking for me, if I beat him to a checkpoint I would go free, I succeeded in throwing off my chaser by hiding in a large netted tub of styrofoam confetti while a group of honkies shit-talked me through a walkie-talkie, when arriving at the checkpoint I was told I'd come too late, I was ascended through a glass tunnel out of the ground into a point high above desert earth, my whole dad's side of the family was there, including my cousin whose children were the ones who'd raped me, the whole family's faces were flat, the men's hairs were combed weird, you could see along around them forever, there were a few oil derricks and growth patches but mostly just sand around the glass tower, they watched me get executed, I can't remember the method of execution, I woke up as I was killed

* ˇÿˇ‡ JFIF ` ` ˇ€ C

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Keith Montesano said...

I forget the U.S. Maple record I like a lot, but I'm not sure if it's one of those.

I need to find it again.

Do you have silverfish in Georgia? I've seen two tonight, big ass ones, crawling all over the places, and I hadn't seen them in months.

I'm a little bitch when it comes to bugs.


purple on time is great too. i dont know what suddenly turned on in me about them.

we do have silverfish but i havent seen any lately. i'm a bug bitch too.ughg

p said...



i imagine most people would have kept that one to their self

p said...

oh god i feel like such a fool


no, i meant me, the dream

you are god peter



i wonder if that semi-quoted movie would suck if i rewatched it


'raped by children' dream is unacceptable, blake

p said...

hmm ok. I get nervous sometimes.

I really like the words "oil" and "derrick"

too bad you can't sell that dream to strangers on the internet

ryan call said...

i am in a good mood right now.

Keith Montesano said...

silverfish be nasty.

Darby said...

I liked that interview. The thoughts on writing quickly and not putting time between drafts, good stuff.


share it please ryan

thank you darby

The Man Who Couldn't Blog said...

i saw US Maple live good. so very good. trenchmouth? the broadcasting system? do you know that record?

lawnmower man sucks, yes.


i dont believe i have. i will find a download

Amelia said...

I had pistachio frozen yogurt the other day. It was crazy.


i now want all things pistachio

jereme said...

pistachio pudding is the definitive pudding

welcome to now