Monday, November 3, 2008

Crush the shitty magician

No one knew who we were for Halloween.

*Dan Wickett wins*

In this photo I really had the look down, I think:

Peewee passed the Bar the other day, first try, good job Josh.

Dressed in such manner, I realized I talk and think like this character a lot on a daily basis, especially while driving, which then encouraged me to think I should reevaluate how I act.

3 other things:

1. 'Shithead' is a fun thing to say loud.

2. Hair gel sucks dick.

3. I will abide by the bolo tie in the future, for sure.

Got a galley of Brian Evenson's LAST DAYS in mail today, all other things in life will be put on hold. New Brian Evenson is probably top of my list of things I get excited about.

I have a short piece that will be on the Underland site soon, it had begun as the beginning of a very violent novel that I stopped writing for now, I will come back to it maybe.

I think finished a draft of RICKY'S ANUS yesterday, it is long, I put it in the think box, I know when I begin the 2nd draft it will grow by another 20-30% probably, unless maybe it shrinks by up to half, I have not decided, I am not going to open it for a while, I like the way I am thinking about it, 'it will likely never see the light of day.'

Immediately after finishing RICKY'S ANUS I decided it was time to write something more planned, something 'not me,' I started another novel, I am trying something completely different this time, something more structured and planned, out of the mode of the last year of writing, 'challenging myself n shit by playing by more rules n shit.' I will not say any of the words I say all the time this time. I will 'have some idea.' Let's see what happens.

EVER is almost done. Final proofing, finishing cover, wrapping that bitch up. Put it on your Christmas list, I think. I am making some things to go with it. More there soon.

A Calamari Press night is planned for March 5 with me, Robert Lopez & Gary Lutz (!!!) @ Word Bookstore in Brooklyn, mark it with a B.


Hugo Minor said...


You're Frank Booth and that's Isabella in her blue velvet robe.


thank you hugo. you win first correct commenter: though dan wickett beat you in email response

*internet defeats real life*

Really Rosie said...

um, yeah it would be an easy guess knowing you but based on looks alone, you just look like a pussified johnny cash.

Ken Baumann said...

novel machine



pussified johnny cash would have kept singing the same song over and over, the way all his songs are the exact same.

flame war begin?

instead i got to say 'baby wants to fuck' and 'where's my bourbon shithead' til my eyes fell out

Ken Baumann said...

nice touch with the pabst


we made a special stop for that'n

Anonymous said...

I thought you were Garth Brooks (and wife) for a second.
But...Pabst Blue Ribbon!


oh man. garth it is, next year.

i also got walker texas ranger, i went with that

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Darren Demers said...

EVER is almost done. Final proofing, finishing cover, wrapping that bitch up. Put it on your Christmas list, I think. I am making some things to go with it. More there soon.
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