Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mega Dick Preloader plus Scam Curfew and 'Codebook of Come Pressure'

Mad back on track n shit n whatnot, maybe, haha, though every day in this Georgia shit is rain. There isn't even mud. Just water. Someone digging in the concrete around the house at night.

EVER-related new novella/novel/something is blowing up around me, in the good way. Finding new doors in the house I had left closed, and more of them, and new. Feeling strongly. This one may be longer. This one may be.

The title 'White of White' jumped out of my tits yesterday, while driving past a middle school near my house that I did not go to and that often seems in its color and condition filled with a creme I can not smell.

Really tired of people 'asking probing questions on their blogs' about certain 'specifics of the act of writing and genre, to stir a 'debate' that will maybe define these terms in some useful way' and 'further the community while opening up topics of discussion of form'.

Something to be said about democracy and linearity and 'playing the game' here but fuck words that aren't words.

In 'Violence' Zizek had a whole great set of ideas about how talking about a thing, such as world peace or racism, in a way that sets up a commodity of 'community discussion' and 'awareness' about that idea but as an act really 'does nothing' is actually more damaging than those generally conceived as counterproductive or limited and void of void, which I won't try to reiterate or expound upon.

There's something to be said here about NaNoPoWriMo (NaPoWriMo)? or whatever that dumb shit is called, but fuck words.

That's all about that.

I just ordered Harmony Korine's Collected Fanzines. Mad excited. I think I read 'Crackup at the Race Riots' ten or twelve times over the years. Though not as much a fan of Mister Lonely, I think Korine is as important a voice as Lynch: no one else saying things in his way.

Wondering now about his 'Fight Harm' series, where he would go talk shit to people in the street with hidden cameras and provoke them verbally until they beat the shit out of him, which he had to abandon after 23 minutes of footage because he had been taken to the hospital several times and badly damaged. Was supposed to come out on a dvd of rare stuff of his, such as 'The Diary of Anne Frank Part II,' where where where where where.

I heard a story about the scene of the two brothers in the bathtub washing each other in Gummo (very brief shot) that made me like the inclusion even more.

There is something to be said about idea meeting image here, but fuck words.

Watched all of the Vice Guide to North Korea last night: highly recommend: they sneak their way into the ridiculous regime and capture some really bizarre shit there. Part one of 14:

Also creeped by the documentary on the drug 'scopolamine' or 'the devil's breath,' which was kind of fascinating. here.

VBS tv has so much great watching, if you have not explored, give yourself a few hours at least, all of it online, free, fun.

Have been reading and enjoying the shit out of a series of numbered shorts on Laura Carter's blog for a good while now, she posts several a week, short clips of text about rooms and spaces and aura, oddly, I wonder if this is a book she is making, I think someone should publish it as a whole thing when it is finished. Laura is interesting, she does not believe in revision, but saying it right the first time.

It is raining today, there is a lot of thunder, there is money coming out of a tree I can see through the window, where someone has been burning something every day for the past few days.

I like writing on a desktop computer when it is storming badly, as there is the fear that the power might go out at any minute and destroy what has been written and not saved, which imbues the moment of typing with this weird energy sometimes, if I am the pea carrot eater of that minute.

I am going to go now.


Anonymous said...

This North Korea documentary is a fucking revelation.

That country fascinates me to know end, much like how a carnival freakshow fascinates. Got-damn.


yeah man, its nuts. vice tv has so much great shit. kills the magazine to death.

Crispin Best said...

i'd seen a couple of things on vbs before and i've got no idea why i didn't poke around a bit

this documentary is ridiculous



hi crispin: there is one on there on the vice guide to sex where they follow the guy that makes eel and fish porn in japan. it is also fucked and intriguing.

Ken Baumann said...

Really good words/links/data.

Words on words are yuck alot. I agree, although I do that game all the time, hence my latest post on HTMLG, etc. Hard habit to break, and the best way to break it is to actually WORK and do the real game, The Make Game.

VBS is great and I look forward to watching all intoned.


everybody does it, including me. i'm just being a fuck. :)

Crispin Best said...

mudskipper mackerelsex frogjob genkifuck


Ryan W. Bradley said...

I've been intrigued by Korine's writings... I watched Mister Lonely about a month ago, and while I found I didn't really like it I was intrigued nevertheless throughout most of it, mostly about the brain behind it, I think.


crispin, that's her.

ryan, yeah, i like some of the ideas in mr. lonely, but it's nothing compared to his first two films, i think. just a big step down from there.

though the image of abe lincoln spinning the basketball on his finger rules, as does the little black kid riding around on the pig.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

there were definitely some priceless images, but that's rarely enough to do the trick for a whole film... unless you're talking early cinema verite.

do you think the collected fanzines is worth picking up? so far i've balked at the used prices only going as low as $16.


yeah, i dont think mr lonely works as a whole. something's off. oh well.

yeah, i have peeked thru the fanzines at a store. i just paid full price for it new through drag city. it will be worth it. but i love that shit. do you have 'crackup at the race riots'? If not, i'd start there. if so, you probably would know from that if the collected fanzines is worth it. :)

Keith Montesano said...

i want all that korine shit too. would love to see fight harm and anne frank. still need to watch mister lonely, too!

Laura Carter said...

Thanks, Blake. I actually revised this one extensively, but I have since pretty much given up on messing with what comes out. XO

Marc said...

i saw harmony korine at the showing of mr lonely at ifc. he went off on a tangent about doing tap dance moves on curbs and findign the flying nuns in south america and faith. the tangent was sort of better than the movie.
i really really like your blog.

alle santiago said...

i used to live in valdosta georgia and miss how when it rained i could drive around and be DRY and RISKING MY LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERS, as opposed to here in boston where i am a pedestrian and i am SOAKED and SAFE. what i mean is thumbs up southern thunderstorm!

also, homicidal thoughts towards people with umbrellas

Ben Brooks said...

Your right, that eel and fish porn guy was really really fucked.
Is there a niche for that stuff?
Like I cant even imagine a small group of people who like fish porn.

Crispin Best said...

Ben, I lived in Japan for a year and it sounds like you'd be surprised.
Also. Don't you think at least that the dude did a pretty good job with the pictures?

I particular liked the models giving the cute smiles and the peace signs while having fish cod roe staple gunned up them...

Ryan W. Bradley said...


I haven't read "Crack Up at the Race Riots," but buying just that seems more expensive than the collected works, at least from what I've found around the interweb.


i don't think 'crackup' is part of the collected fanzines tho, cuz its not a fanzine. pretty sure they are separate books....

Ryan W. Bradley said...

ah, i didn't know that. sometimes i am easily confused.

BlogSloth said...



Anonymous said...

Forgot to say: The new issue of LC is killer. Nice work. The layout is like a game.

Anonymous said...

-hip to be a critic for a minute, let it go, cap'n ron, let it go. check out the pbs doc on helvetica, now that's something.

Anonymous said...

and by critic i mean the commenting on the essays of which you speak. linking LC tomorrow, excellent wine selection.