Monday, October 15, 2007

Links and etc

1. In the manner of lists, the master Mr. Donald Barthelme quite well trumped the list as a tool of fiction in The Glass Mountain.

1.5. (The new issue of McSweeney's #24 features an anthology of remembrances and meditations on Barthelme by David Gates, George Saunders, Gary Lutz, Padgett Powell and others, as well as two previously uncollected stories. It is edited by Justin Taylor, and is so far quite the shit.)

2. Moreso who I've been occasionally cribbing from, Mr. David Markson, speaks on his work in an old but still excellent interview at Dalkey Archive Press.

3. A new update today of the so far fantastic TITULAR magazine has Jimmy Chen's V. which rather remarkably takes on Pynchon's mind.

4. On Saturday night I saw Subtle, who if you haven't heard their last album FOR HERO FOR FOOL, you really should. Doseone may be the best frontman currently at large.

5. Also saw another famous "musician" perform earlier Saturday morning but I do not feel that I should speak of it aloud as I'd rather keep it right here in my stomach, but let's just say the performance took place at 11 AM at a Down Syndrome fundraiser walk and was absolutely amazing.

6. I have been experimenting with writing while asleep. More later.


Josh Maday said...

Good links and etc. Love Barthelme's The Glass Mountain. Love Barthelme. I think he's my dead father.

I'm all stocked up with Markson. Can't wait to start eating. Thanks for recommending.

Titular is shaping up to become quite a fine venue. Cool concept.

I look forward to the results of the experimental sleep writing.

Anonymous said...

links good.

Jimmy Chen said...

thanks for the good word Blake...

Anonymous said...

i like subtle6. they remind me of TV on the Radio, sometimes.

christopher higgs said...

I noticed Lance Olsen appears to have "borrowed" your particular list form for his contribution to the McSweeney's.

brandon said...

subtle is cool, i saw them here in seattle a bit ago

i felt like dose one's performance was like, forced, i dont know. it was hard for me to take seriously

i really like dose one, moreso his solo shit, clouddead, themselves etc, rather than with subtle..but i dunno. last time i saw him, it made me feel strange.