Monday, October 1, 2007

Night Train 7.2

The new issue of Night Train is now online. I have another list in it, #18, this one titled INCOMPLETE CONFESSION.

It will also be available in the new Night Train print edition in early 2008. The issue has 12 fiction pieces and 12 poets. Of the bit I've read so far I like Reb Livingston and Andrea Fitzpatrick's contributions. There's a lot there.

It contains information of a slightly personal pornographic nature, including masturbation, so if you are baby, don't look. Though these days, with the influx of my porn hungry readers, it should be welcomed whole-heartedly. (Today's keywords bringing people here: boy erection, erection boy, perfect anus (yes!!!), pamela porn, is my child dumb?).

By the way, if you're looking for instant traffic that has absolutely nothing to do with people who actually want to read your site, add pamela anderson porn tapes and something about a boy getting an erection. It's a pretty steady flow.

To receive this publication I chained my mother to a Volkswagen and drove through the streets of a small Cambodian settlement, blaring her wounded wailing over a PA system in campaign for the presidential platform of Richard Simmons and Cyndi Lauper.


Josh Maday said...

Another good one. A vision of the universal. Congrats.

Where do I send donations for Simmons/Lauper '08?


thanks josh.

you can send donations directly to me, payable to me. i'll make sure they get there.

DB said...

That's a really great list poem, Blake.


thank you daniel. thank you for reading.