Saturday, October 13, 2007

Journal Preorders

You can now preorder copies of the following journals being released in the next 4 weeks that I have work in by clicking on the following links:

Caketrain #5: containing my short fiction pieces 'Hive' and 'Anniversary' as well as work by Shya Scanlon, Myfanwy Collins, Lisa Jarnot, Alan Deniro, James Wagner, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Peter Markus and hordes of others

NANO Fiction v1 #2: containing my short piece 'The Way the Ruin Came,' as well as work by Josh Maday, Brandon Scott Gorrell and many others

Quick Fiction #12: containing my short piece 'Gravel' as well as work by Chris Bachelder, Girjia Tropp, Kim Chinquee, Seth Fried, Cami Park, B.J. Hollars and many others

Thank you in advance for supporting these excellent magazines.

All of these pieces are from a collection that hopefully will work as a novel in stories that I am currently busting my ass on. These four are the shortest ones. Right now there are I think 20 stories in the book. I am working to write more to lace them together. Instead I keep writing new things and thus end up with more to lace. By the time I am done I will either have something wild and amorphous or something very very long. I wonder which I think is better.

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Jason Jordan said...

Pre-ordered the new Caketrain. Four was okay. I find it interesting that they're based in Pittsburgh and have ties to Chatham, which is where I'm getting my MFA.