Friday, October 19, 2007

Month of Weeks

Everything wants to shit on me today.
Even my Firefox browser refused to start.
I clicked on the icon and it just sat there.
I reset the computer and it didn't help.
I deleted the program and redownloaded it
and it still did the same goddamned thing.
I repeated the download and reinstall and reset
process probably 3 times. It didn't do shit.
Now I am using Internet Explorer and I feel ill.
The internet is a vital entity in my well being.
Sometimes people knock on my front door.
Tonight is somebody's birthday or something.
I think I am supposed to go sit around and be nice.
Someone has allowed a couple baby birds to live
outside my window. I am going to invest in a BB gun.
I am going to sit behind my blinds and plug
everyone that goes by and not hide my face when
they look. If I were a girl I think I'd take naked
pictures and sell them to a website for extra money.
Or for regular money, and that would be my main job.
I think tonight I am supposed to go see some movie.
Movies are good sometimes because you sit there
and just look at the screen and not talk or think.
While at movies I sometimes imagine if the screen
weren't there at all. And that everyone in room
was just sitting there looking straight forward
at nothing. I think that would be a better thing
to do. I imagine if more people paid $9.50 to go
sit in a room with a bunch of other people and sit
in nice rows of padded chairs with beverages and
just look at nothing, everything about everything
would be a lot better. I am going to take a loan
out from the bank and open the first nothing theater.
I am going to go severely in debt. By taking on the
debt and providing a service that will create a
new hole in people's evenings, I will be something
to someone sometime. There are a lot of words
you can pick to type. I don't know why anyone
picks one word instead of another except based on
small unconscious alterations in their awareness
caused by what they ate in the past several hours
and how long and well they slept the night before.
I don't know why anyone goes anywhere except to
try to make themselves feel better or to maybe
see a car accident or a fist fight or someone nude.
Next time it is my birthday I am going to distribute
my phone number on the internet in as many places as
I can think of and sit around talking to other
lonely people all through the day and into night.


Jason Jordan said...

What do you do for work, Blake?

Anonymous said...

i will feel like shit with you